Autism Testing in Madison Heights, MI

Autism Spectrum Disorder is a group of disorders characterized as developmental delays that are detected during early childhood. The disorder causes delays in social behavior, language and cognitive skills.  Autism testing near Madison Heights MI, by Dr. Kat provides answers and gives hope to many children and their families at an early age. Symptoms of autism begin shortly after birth. During the early months and years of a child’s life, they will experience a number of noticeable developmental delays.

Why Autism Testing at an Early Age Is Important

The symptoms of autism are varied and wide range and they are not the same for each individual. Some may exhibit certain symptoms and others will  not. That’s why it’s very important to have your child tested by a trained behavioral specialist. Some behavioral signs can be observed below;

  • Focused Interest
  • Repetitive movements with hands
  • Sticking to routine, having a hard time with change
  • Sensory sensitivities to sound, light, textures, etc..

How To Know If You Need Autism Testing

Autism testing should be done if your child has any of these signs of the disorder. If you notice these signs at an early age, it is recommended that testing be done immediately. Early testing is very important because time is vital for children. Much of the needed treatment and therapies are more beneficial when the child is under the age of five. These signs and symptoms are enough for the pediatrician to refer out for testing services. In Madison Heights, Michigan, many of the local medical professionals reference Dr. Kat Lewitzke PsyD LP for all diagnostic testing for autism. She is a highly reputable psychologist with vast experience in both autism testing and treatment plans.

Dr. Lewitzke is duly trained in the most innovative up to date psychological assessments for treating all of the many different cases of autism she encounters in her practice.

If you or a loved one is in need of psychological testing services and accurate diagnosis, don’t wait, get in touch with Dr. Kat Lewitzke today. Your child deserves early testing and you deserve better answers.

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