Autism Testing In Rochester Hills Michigan

As a parent, you watch the early development of your child and know the exact age when they reach an important milestone. You know that your child sat up at three months, or began mimicking you and playing by hand clapping at age six months. When a child does not do what is expected at a certain age, parents may begin to worry. There are many reasons for a child to have development delays, but the best option is to seek the help of a doctoral level psychologist near Rochester Hills, Michigan who is trained in autism testing.

How To Know If You Need Autism Testing.

Oftentimes, Autism is one of the major causes for delayed development in children, and the child should be tested immediately.

Autism Spectrum Disorder usually appears during infancy and early childhood. It causes delays in basic areas like talking, learning to play, and interacting with others. The symptoms and signs of Autism vary greatly, and so do recommended treatments. Some children can have mild impairment while others have severe forms with many obstacles to conquer.

Some of the most important signs of Autism are:

  • A child will find it difficult to relate to others, or show no interest in their surroundings.
  • A child will have no verbal or delayed verbal ability.
  • The child is unable to have flexibility in their cognitive and behavior skills.

Any noticeable sign of these symptomatic delays should be reported to your child's physician immediately for a referral to a psychologist which may result in early diagnosis and treatment.

Do not procrastinate, some physicians may want to wait a while to see if the development delay changes. This only prolongs vital treatment which could be detrimental for the child.

Why You Should Seek Autism Testing Early.

Autism testing in Rochester Hills and surrounding MI cities, should be done as early as possible. Dr. Lewtizke PsyD, clinic director of Bright Pine Behavioral Health can confirm that early diagnosis and early treatment are the best options for improving, and to give the child an opportunity to enhance many of their developmental delays. Intense intervention makes a big difference for children who at risk.

Furthermore, proper autism testing is essential for a child whose parents have noticed some difference in the way that they are developing. The lack of certain skills need to be addressed as soon as they appear. Second guessing will only lead to loss of treatment time, and the possibility of prevention a mild case of Autism from becoming more severe.

What To Do If You Suspect Autism.

Parents are in the position of being the first to recognize any of the symptoms of delayed development. You can observe your child's quirks and behaviors much better than their pediatrician. If there are any suspicions that something might be wrong, make notes for the doctor.

  • Monitor your child and note when they reach an important emotional, social, or cognitive milestone.
  • If you find that there are concerns, take quick action. Get an expert opinion. Do not take no for an answer if you know that something is going on that is not normal.
  • Trust your parental instincts. If one is not ordered, request that your child be tested for Autism.
  • See that the doctor takes your concerns seriously. Valuable time can be lost when the child is at an age when treatment could really improve matters.

Our private clinic near Rochester Hills, MI is overseen by Dr. Katherine Lewitzke PsyD, a specialized neuropsychologist who provides the most modern up to date autism testing methods and has compassionate therapists who can provide crucial support services if required.


*Articles and all content on our site are for educational purposes only and should not be taken as professional medical advice. Please consult your licensed clinician for a proper evaluation.


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