Autism Testing in Huntington Woods, MI

The medical profession has made tremendous strides in the treatment of Autism. Modern science and new testing methods have made it possible for children with autism to get an early start on the treatment that could drastically change their lives.

Some of those who have become adults are living independently, and even working the support themselves. Autism testing has proven to be the the major reason for so many positives in the live s of the autistic individual.

How Autism Is Diagnosed Through Testing

Autism is usually diagnosed during early childhood when the first signs of developmental abnormalities are noticed. The CDC is reporting that 1 in 59 children is diagnosed with autism, but it is not yet known what causes it. It could be from biological, environmental, or genetic factors. Consequently, the risk factors for autism also lie within the unknown. Autism Spectrum Disorder can be detected soon after birth as early as 18 months. There will be key significant signs of developmental delays. These delays will include, but are not limited to the following.

Observational Autism Signs

  • The child does not reach the milestones associated with their age. sometimes growth is also delayed.
  • The child does not smile or laugh out by the age of six months, and does not wave/gesture bye bye at the age of nine months. They do not babble and coo by 12 months.
  • The child will tend to cry more when held. They prefer to be left alone. They will not interact with others.
  • They will have no language skills, verbal or non verbal.
  • The child will exhibit repetitive behaviors. They may walk back and forth, rock to and fro, and flap their hands or arms constantly.

Why Parents Should Schedule Autism Testing As Early As Possible

As the parent of a child who shows signs of autism, immediate attention should be given to the consideration of treatment. The child’s pediatrician should be consulted. and autism testing should be the next option. Many local medical professionals in Huntington Woods, Michigan choose the medical expertise of Dr. Lewitzke for all autism testing and diagnosis.

Dr. Lewitzke PsyD LP is highly referenced by her colleagues in the surrounding areas. She is trained in modern up to date psychological assessments that allows her to properly diagnose and treat the many different cases of autism. Dr. Lewitzke’s staff uses the effective autism treatment and therapy. Over time, effective interventional treatments increase the desired behavior that the child should have, while simultaneously decreasing undesired behaviors.

In summary, if autism is suspected in your child, early diagnosis and treatment is very important to their future development. There are many beneficial factors to the autistic child getting early treatment. Some delayed developments could possibly be reversed if the treatment starts early enough. Individuals with autism can grow to live independently, and be productive. If your child shows signs of autism, do not deprive them of early treatment.