Discreet Personalized Care Tailored for High-Profile Individuals

Dr. Kat Lewitzke offers an unparalleled blend of psychological expertise, empathetic care, and absolute discretion in her therapeutic and coaching work with individuals, couples, and families. Her profound understanding of the distinct challenges encountered by those under public scrutiny has established her as a reliable and sought-after resource for high-profile clients within our community.

Dr. Lewitzke and her team acknowledge that public figures, including professional athletes, musicians, actors, entrepreneurs, and other high-profile professionals, face a unique set of pressures that are often misunderstood. Their careers demand exceptional preparation and sustained high-level performance, which can place immense strain on even the most seasoned professionals. Coupled with career pressures, these individuals are subject to constant public scrutiny, which can often be misleading, unwarranted, and potentially damaging. Infringements on personal space, privacy, and even personal safety can be a persistent worry.

With deep empathy, understanding, and authenticity, Dr. Lewitzke along with her colleagues provide support to high-profile clients as they navigate the complexities of public life and other life challenges. She aids them in enhancing relationships, optimizing performance, healing from trauma, managing grief and loss, overcoming addiction, and addressing anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues.

Recognizing the unique privacy and scheduling needs of high-profile clients, our group offers in-home visits, in addition to standard in-office and online appointments. This ensures our high-profile clients and their family members receive the care they require in a manner that aligns with their lifestyle.

Expert Psychological Support Tailored to Your Unique Lifestyle: Navigate the Challenges of Public Life with Confidence and Resilience

Utmost Discretion

We understand the importance of privacy for our clients. Our services are delivered with the highest levels of discretion, including in-home visits and travel accompaniment.

Comprehensive Support

From improving relationships and optimizing performance to managing grief, overcoming addiction, and addressing mental health concerns, we provide a wide range of support to help you navigate the complexities of public life.

Personalized Care

Our therapy and coaching services are tailored to the unique needs and challenges of high-profile individuals, ensuring you receive the most effective and relevant support.

High-Profile Clients We Serve


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