Group Therapy

What’s Group Therapy?

It involves one or more therapists and is a form of psychotherapy. A therapists usually treat a group of individuals who have relate-able issues. For example; some autistic children have older or younger siblings who may not quite understand their sibling’s condition. This lack of understanding may cause them to feel anxious, depressed, and act out. Having people in a group who too are going through similar issues can create support, stability, and a therapeutic bond.

What Are the Benefits of Group Therapy?

Groups of people experiencing similar life issues can provide much needed support, bonding, instruction, problem solving, and create a new learning opportunity on how to properly deal. Groups of people can easier process and cope with their issues and both propel and accelerate their treatment.

What Type of Groups Are Currently Available At Your Clarkston, MI Location?

For a complete and updated list of groups, please see below. To sign up, click on your desired group and contact the organizing therapist.

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