Autism Testing in Clawson, MI

An early detection of autism in children is important as well as necessary for their overall well being. It is important for parents to be proactive when it comes to observing the behavior of their children. Parents are the first responders when it comes to autism testing. Unless and until they alert professional experts in Clawson, MI to their children’s unusual behavior, the chances are the child will suffer negligence and develop a greater psychological impairment.

Why Getting Early Autism Testing Is Important

As a result of misunderstanding the autism spectrum, many practices are still based on false assumptions. Doctors are wary of pronouncing children between one and three as “autistic” for fear of labeling them. This delays autism detection in children, further complicating their state of mind. Considering the fact that autistic children are normal individuals with a unique way of looking at things, we allow their mental state to be aggravated by communicating with them in ways they don’t understand. Instead of receiving an early diagnosis, these children are placed on waiting lists because of the rationale of making a “stable” diagnosis at a time when its less likely to change.

Reasons for Delayed Diagnosis

There are also many other reasons for a delayed autism diagnosis. The signs indicating a possible autism disorder are overlooked or dismissed as age-old tantrums by parents quite often. In fact, some parents might even suppress their concerns fearing stigmatization of their child’s mental health. It is important for parents to understand that worrying about taboos at the expense of their children’s emotional and mental development is highly counter-intuitive.

Early intervention has proven to improve the quality of life in autistic children helping them lead normal lives as closely as possible to the lives of normal individuals. This is why early intensive applied behavior analytic interventions should start as early as possible. Behavior Analysis or ABA is a technique that applies the science of behavior analysis. It is widely employed in North America to help autistic people lead fulfilling lives.

Young children with autism require learning skills that enhance their quality of life. These skills are taught using effective methods by a highly trained staff. The staff is trained to operate under strict ethical guidelines. Early diagnosis can very much correlate with brain plasticity, as the earlier the skills are taught, the greater and comprehensive the impact is.

Autism testing specialists at Bright Pine Behavioral Health are located near Clawson MI. Their programs are individually tailored to suit the needs of every child. To emphasize, Dr. Kat Lewitzke PsyD LP is an expert practitioner who is recommended by many pediatricians and primary caregivers. If you’re a distraught parent that needs guidance, it is recommended that you consult with a trustworthy autism practitioner and have your concerns duly addressed.

Front desk staff may not always have the appropriate clinical expertise to answer questions about your unique situation. That’s why we provide quick and efficient consultations with experienced clinicians.