Autism Testing in Auburn Hills, Michigan

Autism Spectrum Disorder is not just one defined disorder. It is a group of delayed developmental disorders that causes problems with the behavioral, communication, and social development of a child. Nearly 1 in every 68 children will have Autism, in fact one study several years ago showed that more boys have Autism than girls. Furthermore, the symptoms and issues associated with Autism vary in their severity with each individual. They can range from mild and moderate to severe. As a parent, you may be the first to notice these symptoms because you know your child better than anyone.

Should I Have My Child Tested For Autism?

If there is any doubt about the development of your child, you should immediately take him or her to their pediatrician and discuss autism testing. Keep in mind symptoms will vary and can sometimes go unnoticed. They could range from minor to severe behavioral problems.

Children with the Autism Spectrum Disorder will show signs in their language skill development. they may not point at people or objects, or learn to wave goodbye which is typical of children before the age of one. The child may not respond to anything or anyone, nor will they respond to any stimuli that would cause a more natural response from a child. The autistic child may not reach to be picked up, they may not follow you with their eyes, may not show facial expressions, and will usually want to be left alone. There are more symptoms that parents may notice, but any of these should be taken seriously and warrant the child being tested for autism.

Parents needing autism testing in Auburn Hills, MI should not hesitate to contact Dr. Kat Lewitzke PsyD. She is thorough, and every individual is tested for the utmost diagnostic accuracy.

Signs should never be ignored and instead, attention should be given to the possibility that they may indeed have Autism Spectrum Disorder. Prolonging the testing process will only delay important treatment for the child.  With proper interventional treatment by Bright Pine Behavioral’s talented therapists,  many children with autism are capable of learning, and being social with others.

In conclusion, early autism testing through Bright Pine Behavioral Health near Auburn Hills will help provide your child with the best treatment options available. After all, it’s very important to know that autism does not mean that the child will not lead a productive life, however early intervention is very important.