Autism Testing in Novi, MI

When a parent suspects that their child may have autism, the reaction to that possibility can be that of shock and disbelief. Autism Spectrum Disorder affects millions of people in the United States alone. It causes a developmental delay in children beginning in infancy. Even in one so young, the symptoms, with new diagnostic tools can be very detectable. Parents will notice certain signs that will give them an indication, but many do not want to express any strong concern until the child is older. Waiting for a child to have autism testing done in Novi, MI can be detrimental to their growth and improvement.

Why You Should Schedule Autism Testing Early

At the first sign of an abnormality, the child’s pediatrician should be contacted. If they are trained to do so, they will observe and evaluate the child, then recommend that they be professionally tested for the disorder by a licensed and trained psychologist. The symptoms of the disorder are varied, but are consistent with most children. Some children with a mild form of autism will have a less pronounced group of symptoms. Autism presents itself in varying ranges from mild and moderate, to strongly severe. Early testing is necessary to determine the level os severity, and the options for treatment. Some signs and symptoms of autism are very obvious and include:

  • A child’s inability to speak. This can be noticed as early as 12 months of age.
  • The child will not interact with others including the parents.
  • The child exhibits repetitive behaviors.
  • The child may cry often when being picked up and held.

These are only several of the symptoms that may be first noticed by parents. The doctor will determine through his observations and evaluations if testing for autism is required, and they usually recommend that it be done as early as possible for the best benefit of the child.

When autism testing services are needed in Novi, Michigan, local doctors and medical professionals often times reference the services of Dr. Kat Lewitzke PsyD LP. She is one of very few leading autism specialists in the Michigan. she is expertly qualified through her extensive training in the up to date, and innovative psychological assessments that are used to provide proper treatment of the many variances in autism.

Autism Treatment and Therapy Services

All of the Effective Autism Treatment and Therapy methods are used in treating the disorder because each case is different in the level of severity. It is highly recommended that children begin their testing and treatment at the earliest age possible in order to receive the most beneficial results as children learn fast, and changes are easier to accept.

Autism in it’s varying degrees does not have the same prognosis as it did during the early 21st century. Many people with autism have more advantages than in earlier years because they were tested early in life, and received the treatment necessary to help them become productive, and often, independent adults. Children who receive early testing and treatment can usually catch up with their peers. If you suspect a loved one of exhibiting autistic characteristics, get in touch with us today to schedule your evaluation.