Autism Testing in Waterford, MI

An autism spectrum encompasses a wide range of skills and impairments. Owing to the uniqueness of this disorder, the developmental patterns significantly vary between children. According to experts, like Dr. Kat Lewitzke PsyD, who’ve diagnosed and treated many autistic individuals, every autistic child is like a window that leads to a separate world of his own. The individual capacities of autistic children make extrapolation rather difficult and disprove general assessments as opposed to a specific and detailed analysis made by trained experts via psychological testing and observation.

Why Autism Testing Early Is Necessary

The rich diversity of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) may hinder accurate diagnoses at times as some autistic children are mistakenly diagnosed with disorders like ADHD. In fact, sometimes even normal children are mistakenly diagnosed with autism. All this highlights the urgency and efficiency needed for a proper diagnosis by qualified and trained professionals in autism testing.

Arriving at the right diagnosis is key, which requires keenly observing, collecting and interpreting tons of information about the child. Prior to making a diagnosis, a child must receive an assessment that goes beyond basic screening to get a much more accurate picture of the issues regarding him or her and any existing complications that allude to underlying conditions.

Early Observation and Autism Signs

Many times, problems in social communication are seen as a sign of a disorder. The awkward social interaction experiences of children are routinely flagged as possible signs of autism. A quick and faulty analysis is usually a disservice as there are many reasons that might cause a child to be withdrawn from social activities (such as subtle language disorders, depression, low self-esteem/confidence etc).

Where to Schedule an Autism Testing

To counter inaccuracies in diagnosis many pediatricians and other relevant practitioners employ a versatile autism screener (one or many) as a first step towards learning as much as they can about the child before beginning their formal evaluation. Their analytic tools may include questionnaires for parents to fill out an assessment requests to be followed up by clinicians. Questionnaires are rather easy to understand and fill out. They consist of a Modified Checklist for Autism in Toddlers. The red flags can be accurately identified by pondering on the information available to the parents either by agreeing/disagreeing with.

Since these questionnaires can identify similar symptoms of other disorders, a secondary comprehensive evaluation is employed by autistic experts to ensure accurate diagnoses. This evaluation may be the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule, which is a test featuring different modules to accommodate a range of children. Autism experts in Waterford, MI are able to evaluate the social skills and repetitive behaviors displayed during the test. There are also other types of evaluation methods employed depending on how experts find it best to understand and evaluate their patients.

While screeners and diagnostic tools are proper ways of building a strong database on children, they have to be considered in the context of other information and possible disorders to rule out incorrect interpretations. You want to be working with someone who is experienced enough to understand the subtleties. Dr. Kat Lewitzke PsyD LP near Waterford, possesses expertise in autism testing and is referred to by many doctors and pediatricians for the benefit of proper evaluation.

If you notice any unusual behavior in your child you can place a call to Dr. Kat and schedule an appointment so that you can share your concerns in detail. It is best to trust a well-experienced professional who is able to tell if a child’s poor eye contact is due to him being shy or an unseen underlying complication.