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In 2018, the CDC, Centers for Disease Control, confirmed that 1 in every 59 children is diagnosed with an ASD, autism spectrum disorder. Furthermore, boys are four times more likely to be diagnosed with autism than girls, as 1 in every 37 boys, and 1 in every 151 girls are also diagnosed with an autism disorder. If you're a parent in Wayne County, MI who's looking for accurate diagnosis and observation through autism testing, Dr. Kat Lewitzke PsyD can help. She's a trained neuropsychologist who's helped many families with accurate results.

How Do I Know If I need Autism Testing?

Children of minoric ethnicities are also less likely to be diagnosed, and tend to be diagnosed later than other children, while the majority of children are continuously being diagnosed after age 4. Although there is no blood test detection for autism, early intervention via autism testing yields the superlative opportunity for delivering healthier life development. Additionally, autism symptoms generally more prominent by age 2 to 3, but can often be present as early as 18 months. Autism is also speculated  to have its genesis during premature brain development.

Autism spectrum disorder refers to a variety of plights depicted by arduousness in social functionality and routine comportment or stereotypical attentiveness. The term “spectrum” signifies extreme heterogeneity within this category.

The majority of individuals diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders generally possess an intellectual disability, while others have average or sometimes above average intelligence. The three different types of autism disorders are asperger syndrome, pervasive development disorder and classic autism disorder, which can all be severe, mild or in between.

What Causes Autism?

Although there is not one direct cause of autism spectrum disorder, research shows that genetics are involved in the vast majority of autism cases. Furthermore, children born to older parents are at a higher risk of developing autism. Parents to a child with autism are also 2 to 18 percent more likely of having a second affected child.

Where Do I Get Autism Testing Done?

Determining whether your child needs autism testing can be a difficult task since numerous signs and symptoms of ASD may improve over time.

However, some of the early autism detection signs include;

  • Solitary aspirations
  • Possessing obsessive interests
  • Echolalia
  • Unresponsive to their name by 12 months
  • Delayed speech and language adroitness
  • Providing unrelated answers to questions
  • Flapping hands or spinning in circles and more

Parents can initially perform a simple online search for “Autism testing in Wayne County” for an example, which will result in numerous qualified testing centers, one of which is Bright Pine Behavioral Health, a private practice managed by Dr. Katherine Lewitzke PsyD who specializes in providing crucial early treatment for autism spectrum disorder for those seeking accurate results.

Why Early Autism Testing Is Important.

If a child exhibits one or more of these signs above, it is vital for parents to obtain early diagnosis for numerous reasons.

Taking a child to an autism testing center, is beneficial to a child’s development, especially with increasing evidence indicating that autism may improve with the right treatment plan. Numerous children diagnosed with autism improve over time, therefore early testing is very important.

Beginning at an early age, children receive one to two years of intensive behavior analytic interventions. Younger children diagnosed with autism can immensely benefit from this as they obtain the skills necessary to amplify their quality of life through playful and systematic guidance.

Furthermore, these skills are considerably more beneficial to children at a younger age since brain development commences just a few weeks following birth. These skills’ implementation is designed to alter the course of brain development in a favorable manner.

Early intervention can aid in improving learning, communication and social skills, ultimately providing the child with an enhanced quality of life.


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