Autism Testing in Clarkston, MI

Have you ever noticed that your child plays and interacts with other people differently than most children? If so, then now is a good time to also begin to pay attention to other small details. There are many warning signs that a child may need an autism evaluation. Not smiling, not speaking, low verbal skills, and inability to socially interact are just a few. Autism requires distinct education and care, that’s why it’s important to get a proper evaluation from an experienced specialist.

Why You Should Schedule A Testing For Autism As Early As Possible

Gnawing concerns about your child can eat away at you making you worry about their future, as well as yours.  A comprehensive screening process performed in Clarkston, Michigan by board-certified professionals can uncover answers for children ages two and up, though at times younger toddlers can be diagnosed as well. Instead of waiting, wondering, and worrying about your child’s status, you can schedule a screening as the first step to finally get the answers your family deserves.

After the results of your child’s autism testing are in, Dr. Kat Lewitzke PsyD LP  will go over the details in a feedback session. The child does not have to be present at this time. She will also provide answers to your questions along with providing plenty of helpful resources for you to look over. Emotions often arise when parents find out their child is on the autism spectrum. This is normal. While some things may change, a lot will be the same. Over time, everyone will adjust to the information and changes in activities or schedules.

Benefits of Early Autism Psychological Testing Evaluations

• Get definite answers

• Be proactive in finding treatment early

• Learn how to address common struggles that an autistic child faces

• Intervention can improve behavior and speech

• Grades can be improved with a change in curriculum and teaching style

Where To Get Autism Testing Near Clarkston, MI

Parents that are concerned that their child might be autistic need and require solid answers. Over time, a misdiagnosis may hurt your child’s development. Your first step as a concerned caretaker should always be to acquire an accurate diagnosis. Autism testing can be scheduled and provided for your loved one in Clarkston, Michigan. Finding answers is the first step to bringing about positive change for the child and family.