Autism Testing in Ferndale, MI

Knowing when autism testing should be scheduled near Ferndale is essential to parents of a child who may be exhibiting symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorder. Parents are already overwhelmed with the possibility of the disorder being present in their child, and they need facts about early testing. The child’s pediatrician will often recommend testing after they have observed and evaluated the child using information given them by the parents. However, often times pediatricians may not be trained in spotting these signs. It is therefore important to trust your gut and make an appointment as soon as possible. Dr. Kat Lewitzke is a doctoral level licensed psychologist who specializes in accurate diagnostic results.

Signs That Show A Need For Autism Testing

Autism is defined as a group of disorders that cause developmental delays in children beginning at infancy. The cause and risk factors of the disorder have yet to be discovered, but the signs and symptoms are obviously noticeable when children are very young.

Parents are usually the first to detect that there is a difference in their child as compared to others of the same age. It’s difficult to be sure because the symptoms may vary from child to child, and sometimes observations can be misleading. This is why, testing is absolutely necessary to determine an accurate diagnosis in each individual. Levels of autism range from mild to moderate and strongly severe.

Early Noticeable Signs of Autism

  • The child does not laugh out or smile by age 6 months, and do not wave or mimic facial expressions by 12 months.
  • The child cries when picked up and held. They tend to do better when left alone.
  • The child does not babble and coo like most children by 12 months.
  • The child has repetitive behaviors like rocking, flapping their hands or arms constantly, or moving back and forth.
  • The child will not interact in any way with others, even parents.

Why Early Autism Testing Is Important To Future Development

Parents in Ferdnale, MI have to understand that autism testing at an early age is essential for the improvement of the child. Why? Children are more susceptible to change than older people, and getting the necessary tests done early will enable the child to have a greater advantage for a life change. Furthermore, young children learn more quickly when it pertains to physical habits than older children. That is an important factor when it comes to treatments and therapies.

To summarize; When testing for autism is needed in and around the Ferndale, Michigan area, doctors and other medical professionals reference Dr. Kat Lewitzke PsyD LP. She is the leading autism specialist in Ferndale and the surrounding area.

Dr. Kat Lewitzke is trained in the modern up to date psychological assessments used to ensure proper treatment for the many different autism cases she’s been witness to.

Her staff at Bright Pine Behavioral Health use the most effective autism treatments and therapies. This may include Applied Behavior Analysis, and Play Therapy. Each individual warrants their own individual treatment and therapy plan as each case has variances. The Applied Behavior Analysis treatment is a very extensive treatment and often requires that the child spend 30 to 40 hours per week with one on one attention. This treatment involves increasing a desired behavior, and decreasing the undesired behavior.

Children with suspected autismĀ  deserve to be tested early in life, and many, with proper intervention, can now have a brighter future.