Autism Testing in Davisburg, MI

Early intervention has made a huge difference for autistic children in recent years. During the time when there was less information and research on autism, autistic children had little help available to them. These children were forced to operate on the same grounds as neurotypical children, while parents paid extensively for extra academic assistance and for the development of everyday skills. This was usually a fruitless cycle and an aggravating one for autistic children who could not process why they had to go through this.

Organizations dedicated to the autism spectrum disorder did not exist to provide suitable methodologies that would help autistic children lead closer to normal lives. Over just a decade ago, autism was labeled as a learning disability, which reduced the diverse spectrum to just a singular oversimplified problem.

Today, the breakthrough regarding autism has changed a lot for the better. Autism is a growing concern and is drawing massive support from various experts, such as Dr. Kat Lewitzke PsyD LP, dedicated to learning more and more about it. More parents are aware of this disorder, and there is less stigma attached to it today. There are also organizations available that help educate and provide financial assistance to parents of autistic children. All in all, the international community is also catching up with research and improved treatments for autism.

Early Autism Testing in Davisburg MI

The primary concern regarding autism for parents must be early diagnosis. Since parents are natural caretakers of their children, they must act like first aid responders in observing the development of behavioral symptoms in their children. The sooner the diagnosis is made, the greater the chance is of autistic children leading normal lives. Autism can be observed as early as 18 months of age. Children part of high risk groups such as children with siblings or parents that have autism should be closely watched by physicians.

Signs To Watch For

Autistic children are unable to engage in pretend play and cannot make eye contact. They don’t take a liking to cuddles and hugs, or a display of affection they cannot understand. Their response to typical emotions may be off and they will often be seen drawn to themselves. One of the main signs of autism in children is repetitive behavior and repetition of words said to them. They can react unusually to everyday things, respond poorly to their name being called out and be disturbed by actions or gestures unfamiliar to them.

Why Early Autism Diagnosis Is Important

Recent research has shown that early intervention is imperative as it can improve a child’s overall development and his relationship with his parents. The emotional bonding is key, as autistic children, despite appearing emotionless, also require love and care from their parents to bloom. Children who receive appropriate autism treatments and education are more likely to develop these essential emotional and social skills. All in all they integrate better in society. With autism treatments like ‎Pivotal Response Treatment, ‎Applied Behavior Analysis, ‎ATN/AIR-P Autism etc both parents and children benefit as parents get to learn the unique form of communication recognized by their autistic children and can understand and express love to them better.

However, behavior therapies must only be employed by highly trained staff under the guidance of autism experts. This is why you should consult renowned occupational therapists and other qualified individuals. Autism testing in Davisburg by Dr. Kat Lewitzke PsyD LP is highly recommended by numerous physicians and pediatricians. Ideally, a diagnosis should only be trusted when made by an experienced and qualified autism expert. If you suspect your child needs screening, book a consultation with Dr. Kat as soon as possible.