Autism Testing in Oxford, MI

Thorough autism testing by a trained neuropsychologist is necessary to diagnosis the severity of the disorder in children who exhibit early signs and symptoms. Autism Spectrum Disorder is a spectrum that can range from mild to moderate and severe. It causes a developmental delay in children starting in infancy and affects their behavioral, physical, sensory, mental, and language skills. Some form of the disorder occurs in one out of every 68 children with the majority of cases being male. If you’re in search of a service provider in Oxford, MI please note that official diagnostic tests for autism are psychology based, and carried out by doctoral level licensed psychologists.

Common Signs That Warrant an Autism Testing

  • The child will cry when picked up and held. They prefer to be alone.
  • The child does not laugh out or smile by age six months, nor do they wave bye bye by age nine months.
  • The child does not mimic facial expressions by age 12 months, and do not respond when their name is called, or any other stimulus.
  • The child will not interact with others or share. They will exhibit repetitive behaviors.
  • The child will not talk. They do not babble and coo as toddlers, and they have no verbal or non verbal skills.

Needless to say, this is an incomplete list, but it does contain some of the common signs of autism. Parents who have noticed any of these symptoms should consult with the child’s pediatrician.

At which point, an evaluation of the child is conducted, followed by a recommendation for autism testing be done as early as possible. Early testing means that the benefits of the treatments are greater when the child begins them under the age of five. Although there is no known cure for autism, treatments and therapies have been successful and is the preferred solution in many cases.

Why Early Testing for Autism is Important

The opportunity for change is far greater when the child is young.

In Oxford, MI, local medical professionals turn to the expert service of Dr. Lewitzke PsyD LP for testing for autism. She is on of the leading, most qualified doctors of psychology in the field of autism diagnostic services. She is trained in the most up to date psychological assessments to accurately treat the many varied cases of autism. Her vast years of experience makes her the logical choice of pediatricians for their patients.

Dr. Lewitzke and her staff use and recommend effective treatments and therapies, like the Applied Behavior Analysis which is increasing the desired behaviors of autistic children, and decreasing the ones that need to be changed. Her staff can also implements Play Therapy to help improve the interaction and necessary skills.

New treatments make it possible for autistic children can grow to become very productive adults. However, being tested for autism early in life provides for the best opportunities.