Autism Testing In Wixom Michigan

Reasons Why Early Autism Testing Is Important

The fact that autism is a spectrum of conditions makes it one of the most confusing and difficult to understand fully and diagnose. Consequently, finding a psychologist near Wixom, MI who specializes in accurate autism diagnosis and testing is on the top of the list for many local parents.

Primary signs that your child may need autism testing

As discussed above, autism is a spectrum of human conditions. It is therefore hard to have a uniform set of signs. It is, however, vital to acknowledge that there are signs common in children with autism regardless of their condition. They include the following set of symptoms;

Communications challenges are arguably one of the most natural indications that your child needs a test on autism. The main pointers that the child might need special attention consist of the inability to form complete sentences, sometimes having difficulty with pronouns, and more significantly repetition when communicating.

Apart from communication challenges, another sign that may signify a need for testing on autism are social skills challenges. If for example the child avoids eye contact with you, with other family members, or in some cases do not show interests to children games, it can be an indication they need a specialist's observation.

Reasons why your child need autism testing

Advantages of earlier detection are unmatched. The first and the essential benefit of early screening is that initial testing helps in formulating a professional opinion on brain development and more importantly the creation of a comprehensive treatment plan. When proper intervention is achieved while still young, the child can improve. The reverse often happens when early testing is ignored.

Second, an earlier test helps the doctor in identifying which social interaction aspects to concentrate on and which to ignore. It is important to note that different children with autism have different social capabilities. Professional testing and assessment help the parent and the doctor to identify which aspects of social interactions to give place more emphasis on and why as opposed to generalized treatment.

For example, a child may have difficulty maintaining eye contact, but on the other hand, they may be good at communicating. It is only through a through autism assessment that a better approach to treatment is objectively selected.

When Should Schedule An Appointment For Autism Testing?

Before 1990s legislation on autism, the typical age for testing autism was three years old. However with diagnostic improvements, parents in Wixom, MI and surrounding cities, can schedule testing as early as 18 months of age. This change in the testing age means that a family can start the process of treatment and special learning at an early age as opposed to waiting until the brain is mature.

To schedule a comprehensive evaluation with an autism specialist and learn more, contact Dr. Kat Lewitzke PsyD today.


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