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Many pediatricians in the Commerce, Michigan area who are concerned about a patient's developmental delays, may refer worried parents to a psychologist for complete autism testing. Dr. Kat Lewitzke, grew up in Milford, MI and is a trained neuropsychologist who specializes in psychological testing and evaluations for autism.

Keep in mind that pediatricians are very cautious about making this determination. The reason is being that autism is difficult to observe and classified according to a spectrum. Some children and adults who have been diagnosed with this condition may be higher functioning than others. That's why accurate autism testing as early as possible, at a young age is very important. It can make a dramatic difference in how your child progresses through life.

Autism Behavioral Traits

Autistic individuals are identified by observing difficulties in social interaction, behavior, and communication. For this reason, we'll explore some common identifiable traits below.

  • Narrow and focused interest
  • Sensory sensitivities such as sound or textures
  • Sensory interests
  • Sticking to routine and order
  • Greater difficulty in social interaction
  • Delayed language development

Why Early Autism Diagnosis Is Important

Early intervention is crucial for receiving necessary services early on in a child's life. Even more so because people on the spectrum can live normal lives with the right support, education, training, and therapy. Parents should stay on course and apply professional recommendation to their child's life. Many schools in Commerce also have special education staff that can provide support to your child while working together with Dr. Lewitzke to make sure treatment plans are followed through both in school and at home.

If you are looking to have your child observed and tested for autism in the Milford/Commerce area, be sure to contact our private psychology practice to schedule an appointment.


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