Autism Testing in Commerce Twp, MI

One of the most troubling things about autism is its ability to frustrate parents who may not familiar with this condition during the early years.

How Is Autism Diagnosed near Commerce, MI

Trained professionals typically observe the behaviors of infants to make this determination. They also closely listen to a parent’s concern about their child’s behaviors. If a mom or dad sees that something is off with their child; they usually provide detailed observations on behavior and what they think maybe going wrong. Psychologists take all this information into account while performing a thorough evaluation in a clinical setting.

Keep in mind that pediatricians are very cautious about making this determination. The reason is being that autism is classified according to a spectrum. This is why it’s important to seek specialized help. Autism testing at a young age is very important.

Where To Get Autism Testing Near Commerce, MI

Dr. Kat Lewitzke PsyD LP has many years of experience working directly with autistic children. During her undergrad, she has worked extensively with autism by providing supervised ABA therapies and has continued the work into her professional career as a fully licensed psychologist. Her reputation and level of care she provides all of her patients is something that many local professionals respect. She is a constant source of providing accurate diagnostic testing services to families in the area as well as a go to referral by local medical professionals.