Autism Testing Near Bloomfield Hills MI

Dr. Lewitzke has helped many families in Bloomfield Hills, MI by providing them with accurate autism testing for their loved ones. Unfortunately, autism is being diagnosed at an alarming rate and some parents are yet to understand identifiable signs of this social condition. Often, it can go undetected because they have not monitored their child closely or taken the time to truly understand what certain signs. Here are some early signs that could help you determine if your child needs autism testing.

How To Know If You Require Autism Testing.

  • Don't respond to familiar people or their name.
  • Show lack of interest in things that children typically have interest in.
  • Don't have the same interest when playing with others
  • Verbal delay.
  • Fail to follow any objects with visual attentiveness
  • Doesn't waive or apply any gestures while wanting to communicate.

When You Should Schedule Autism Testing.

For one thing, if you suspect something is off, parents should never wait to schedule an evaluation. With that said, avoid the approach to wait for a huge developmental issue to occur. This is not recommended and could potentially further impair your child's development down the road.

Getting immediate autism testing from a specialist is your best move. Don't be misled by anyone who says otherwise. Take your child's developmental skills seriously and act accordingly.

Here is a great list to embrace when you are in the mist of monitoring your child's development from the time they are born into the world. There are certain things that should be happening in the child's life when it comes to development patterns. If you notice delays, it is recommended you need to seek immediate testing from a specialist in Bloomfield Hills or surrounding areas.

Developmental Triggers Required For Autism Testing.

  • 6 months - lacks expressions such as smiling, happiness
  • 9 months - no sounds or back and forth expressions when communicating
  • 12 months - Doesn't respond to own name
  • 16 months - Hasn't spoken a word
  • 24 months - Lacks two-word phrases in their speech

A child's social world can be seriously effected as well. There are signs when they are struggling with basic interactions and have difficulties. Many of these will be picked up when your child becomes disinterested in the people or objects around them. They might even have a hard time connecting to others and simply stare at people without playing or having fun. Some kids often take to playing pretend games with their parents or siblings. If your child is showing no sign of these common behaviors, then scheduling autism testing early on is a very important first step.

When looking for a provider and help with accurate diagnosis, consider Dr. Kat Leitzke PsyD., an autism specialist near Bloomfield Hills.  Her services are sought after and referred to by many local health and administrative professionals. If required, her staff is trained in providing crucial post diagnosis services.


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