Expedited Psychological Testing Services

We are here to meet our client’s time-sensitive needs and requirements. Our unique expedited neuropsychological testing services are exclusively offered on a limited appointment basis. Secure your appointment by filling out the form below.

Diagnostic Results In 0 Business Days
* From The Date Of Your Testing Appointment. Inquire For Pricing.


Why Our Expedited Testing Service Is Unique

Priority Scheduling & Weekend Availability

Appointments are scheduled right away and service can be rendered on either a Saturday or Sunday for your convenience.

Lightining Fast Results

Quick results and treatment recommendations are provided in a comprehensive report within 2-3 business days of your evaluation.

Fluid 3rd Party Communication

Necessary calls with other professionals such as doctors, school staff, attorneys, judges, and others will all be handled per your request. *Additional fees apply for time.

Highest Level of Privacy

Since this is a private pay only service, we do not file any diagnostic codes through a claim process with insurance carriers. You have full control of all diagnostic results.

Private Pay Only Service

Allows the clinician to complete a thorough evaluation in record time without interruption or delay from any insurance claim processing.

Full Doctoral Level Administration

Your evaluation will be administered by a Doctoral Level Psychologist every step of the way, from scheduling to your feedback appointment

Expedited Testing VS Standard Testing Comparison


Results in 2-3 business days
  • Priority Scheduling
  • Exclusive Weekend Availability
  • Report Production Within 3 Business Days
  • 3rd Party Communication
  • Full Doctoral Level Administration
  • Extensive Singular Focus
  • Comprehensive Clinic Director Review
  • Private Pay Only


2-3 Months For Appointments and an additional 4-6 weeks for a Report.
  • First Come First Serve Scheduling - Intake and Testing Appointments are typically booked 60-90 Days out.
  • No Weekend Availability
  • Reports Production Within 4-6 Weeks After Testing *Subject to insurance claim processing.

Expedited FAQ

An Expedited neuropsychological assessment is a unique service offered only to new and existing Bright Pine Behavioral Health clients.  The expedited service allows you to bypass the traditional route for scheduling in order to meet urgent time-sensitive needs. Expedited testing services are out of pocket only. We will not be filing any claims on your behalf. By requesting expedited services you agree to forego any in-network benefits through your carrier.

Expedited services are out-of-network services and are completely out of pocket. By choosing this service, you agree to forego your in-network benefits. We will not be filing any claims on your behalf. Some carriers accept superbill invoices filed by their subscribers toward their out-of-network benefits, if your insurance company or HSA accepts superbill invoices, we are able to provide you with one. We make absolutely no guarantee of reimbursement by any carrier.

Expedited assessments are available to clients with time-sensitive needs. Expedited evaluations are completed outside of clinicians’ normal hours, typically during their time off.  You need faster results and we are here to meet your expectations. Please fill out the form below and we will be in touch with you in less that 24 hours. 

We recommend you arrive at least one day prior to your evaluation so you’re well rested for your in-person assessment. Both of our offices have excellent lodging selections close by for you to choose from. Additionally, we are more than happy to answer any questions, as well as assist you in choosing lodging accommodations that are best suited for you or your family.