Autism Testing In Ortonville, MI

Autism is a disorder that may not show visible signs until a baby is about six months old. ASD is a group of disorders that are present at birth. They cause developmental delays in many of the basic systems of a child. Although there are treatments for autism, there is no known cause for it. The risk factors are also unknown, and there is no known cure. Children will usually begin to show signs of autism that are first detected by the parents.

How To Know If You Need Autism Testing

Anytime a child shows signs and symptoms of abnormalities, their pediatrician should be notified. Sometimes parents may want to wait to see if things change, but waiting is not in the best interest of the child. Autism testing will confirm the severity of the disorder and should be done at the earliest age possible. Parents will notice that their child is not doing the things that most children do at a certain age.

Signs and symptoms of autism will include the following.

  • Babies will not like to be held. They prefer to left alone.
  • A child will not laugh or smile by six months of age, and will not mimic facial expressions at nine months of age.
  • The child will not interact with others, nor show interest in their surroundings.
  • The child will exhibit repetitive behaviors. They may rock to a fro constantly, flap their hands and arms repeatedly, or run back and forth.

A specially trained doctor of psychology should be consulted for complete evaluation of the child. Autism testing will be recommended, and the earlier it is done the more beneficial it is for the child. In Ortonville, Michigan, local medical professionals reference Dr. Kat Lewitzke PsyD LP as the autism specialist of choice for the testing.

She is a qualified expert in testing for autism. She is trained in the innovative up to date psychological assessments that are used to properly treat the many cases of autism. There are several Effective autism treatment and therapy options available to devise an individual treatment plan for each child.

Effective Treatment and Therapy for Autism

Play Therapy helps the child with their interaction and sharing skills. The Applied Behavior Analysis method helps by increasing a desired behavior, and decreasing an undesired behavior. Some treatments are quite extensive and requires the child to have one on one attention with the therapist for up to 40 hours per week. Early testing means that the child can start treatment at an early age when learning is most like to be at its best.

Young people are more adaptable to changes, and can make improvements faster. Waiting any longer for a child to be tested hinders their ability to develop and adapt. Autistic people have made great strides over the last few decades thanks to modern science and research. Children can have a better quality of life, and can grow up to become independent adults who are often usually very productive.