Autism Testing Near Royal Oak, MI

Having children is a major milestone for many, and one of the many joys of parenthood. You marvel over the newborn, and watch and mentally record their every move. As they grow a little older, you notice each progression. However, for reasons unknown, after a few months, you may notice that your baby isn’t progressing according to what you have read, and seen. This happens to many parents, in fact 1 out of 59 new parents may notice that the baby is not developing at a normal rate. If you experience and observe any of the signs below, it may be beneficial to schedule autism testing as early as possible.

Signs You Might Need Autism Testing

  • Your child prefers to be alone, and shows no interest in sharing, talking, or interacting with others.
  • They do not want physical contact, or to comforted when they are upset.
  • If by the age of 12 months, they do not respond to their name, or there is no eye contact when talking to them
  • They have difficulty controlling their behavior or emotions.

If you observe these behaviors, these could be signs of Autism Spectrum Disorder which is detected in early childhood. It is a disorder characterized by delays in physical development, and social, behavioral, and cognitive skills.

Why Early Autism Testing Is Essential

When these issues are present in a child, it is very important to get early autism testing. Prolonging a diagnosis can also delay or limit treatment options. Early diagnosis is also beneficial to the parents as it allows the the advantage of knowing how to properly care for a child with the disorder.

Testing for autism in Royal Oak, Michigan is best done by Dr. Kat Lewitzke PsyD LP. She is the licensed psychologist that many other professional refer their patients to for accurate testing of autistic children and adults. She has been duly trained in this field, and has years of experience testing for this disorder. Autism is not a simple disorder that a blood test can be used for a diagnosis. It involves a series of psychological tests and observations. The testing procedure includes tests for social skills, communication skills, their verbal and non verbal language, their repetitive behavioral skills, and their sensitivities and sensory development.

Effective Autism Treatments

Recommended autism treatments in Royal Oak may also include the most Effective Autism Treatment and Therapy. This being The Applied Behavior Analysis which increases the behaviors that doctors and parents desire, and decreasing those undesired behaviors. Many children who have had this treatment have become adults who can be a part of the work force, or who can do very well volunteering. With early diagnosis and treatment, autistic individuals can be productive and self sufficient when they are adults.