Autism Testing in Bingham Farms, MI

Across the United States and Michigan, parents are facing the challenge of treating a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder. This medical issue is on the rise and manifests in a developmental delay in children from infancy. Statistics show that as many as one in every 68 children are being diagnosed. If you are a parent and have questions about your child’s development because they seem to fall behind the normal rate of development, it is time to have a discussion with your child’s pediatrician. The delays caused by autism include physical delays, as well as cognitive delays. It affects their behavior and emotions.

Signs To Schedule Autism Testing

Many parents may notice some very defined differences in the way that their child is developing and the way other children of the same age are developing. Autism testing is recommended by doctors when children display any of the following symptoms.

  • The child does not laugh out or mimic the parents after a certain age.
  • The child is exhibiting repetitive behaviors. They will run back and forth, rock constantly, or flap their hands repeatedly.
  • The child will not want to be picked up, nor will the child look, point at, or show any kind of facial expressions.
  • The child will normally avoid eye contact, or shows no interest in what is going on around them, nor will they interact with others.

Why Early Autism Assessment Is Crucial

If a child shows these symptoms, autism testing is required. It should be done without delay for the benefit of the child and the family. Early treatment of Autism spectrum Disorder could greatly change the life of an autistic child. Early treatment will mean taking advantage of every opportunity to give the child a head start on life. For families in Bingham Farm, Michigan, accurate testing for autism is done by Dr. Kat Lewitzke PsyD LP. She is trained in the modern up to date psychological assessment methods to give proper analysis to each individual case.

Dr. Lewitzke has received references and recommendations from all of the local medical professionals in the surrounding areas in Michigan. With effective autism treatment and therapy, she is able to give many children the chances they deserve. Sometimes the parents may be in denial and prolong the testing process, or a doctor may want to wait to see if the child grows into an accepted behavior. this will not be beneficial to the child as they will miss much needed treatment and therapy at the age when it can help the most.

Do not hesitate to speak with your child’s pediatrician if you have noticed some delay in their development. Again, waiting to see if they will grow into a certain expected behavior will only limit the treatment that they could be receiving.