Autism Testing in Pleasant Ridge, MI

If you notice your child acts differently you should take note and report it to your doctor. If unaddressed, the issue can worsen as the child grows. Therefore, it’s imperative that early intervention is practiced, especially if the differences match signs of autism. The first step to finding answers concerning the child’s behavior is to schedule an autism testing evaluation.¬†Other respected physicians and medical professionals in the Pleasant Ridge area recommend Dr. Lewitzke to their client’s because of her positive reputation of excellent care and empathy.

Common Signs of Autism Which May Require Testing

  • Social interaction problems – not responding to name
  • Avoiding eye contact
  • Missing developmental milestones – not pointing or demonstrating object interest.
  • Content being alone


How Early Autism Testing Leads to Better Support

Whenever there is a question about a child’s behavior and development it is best to address these concerns quickly so an early intervention can be arranged if necessary. Autism testing is a comprehensive process that only a trained psychologist performs. These highly educated and trained professionals are up to date on the latest autism research. Their diagnosis can lead to better education through specialized teaching programs and help with social interaction.

Autism Treatments

After receiving an autism diagnosis parents often feel overwhelmed. There are many support groups and organizations that can provide advice, help, and resources. Autism treatments and therapies are individualized to better aid each unique child’s needs. The age of the child and the severity of the issue all plays a role in what type of treatment plan the psychologist recommends.

Finding a Quality Provider

Locating a kind and patient doctor for diagnosis and treatment is essential. Children do better when they feel comfortable with their provider. The best location for autism testing in Pleasant Ridge is with Dr. Kat Lewitzke PsyD LP.

Dr. Lewitzke has completed her neuropsychology assessment training under the tutelage of board-certified psychologists. Furthermore, she stays current with modern learning and techniques by completing coursework in continuing education set forth by the State of Michigan governing bodies.