Autism Testing In White Lake Michigan

When we have children, we want nothing but the best for them. This is why it's so important to make sure they get their regular check ups and confirm major milestones are being observed . Parents all across the country are faced with the decision to seek out a specialist if they feel their child is behaving abnormal. Here are some things to consider if you feel your child could be developmentally delayed or if you suspect that it might be Autism.

How Will I know If My Child Needs An Autism Assessment?

Before we answer this questions, it's important to educate yourself to find out what exactly is autism. It is defined as a spectrum disorder that has a variety of symptoms. This can include delayed development over time as they learn to talk, walk, play and even interact with other humans. Though symptoms can vary, most signs will lie withing these three particular areas:

  • Struggle with non-verbal or delayed verbal communication
  • Responding and relating to the world and others
  • Their ability to be flexible in their behavior and thinking

One should not only monitor this activity within their child, but watch closely at their developmental skills overall. One might see delays when it comes to a child's social habits, movements, talking and whether or not if they are experiencing cognitive issues. These don't necessarily mean that your child is autistic, but it could be a huge sign that they are at risk.

Parent's often don't want to overreact to a situation because every child in the world can develop differently from others. We can all agree, no child is the same. That said, take caution and don't panic. However, if you do notice that your child is missing the mark in certain areas of development, then you may want to consider autism testing. It's recommended that you don't wait and take action immediately. Autism testing could save your child's life and help you get a grip on what exactly is going on with them.

What To Do If You Suspect Your Child Might Be Exhibiting Symptoms Of Autism.

It's been known many parents unwillingly take on a "wait and see what happens" approach, often times this might be exacerbated by other family members offering unsound advice. Waiting to see improvement is not a tactic that's encouraged. If you see or discover your child is struggling in some kind of way regarding their development, then seek out a trained professional. When you wait to act on getting testing and proper diagnosis, you lose precious time and miss out on the opportunity to possibly correct and improve your child's current development.

You can find testing for autism in both White Lake Michigan and surrounding cities in Oakland County by getting in touch with Dr. Katherine Lewitzke, a licensed doctoral level psychologist who has a proven track record of professional referrals and accurate diagnostic results.

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