Autism Testing in Beverly Hills, MI

Autism Spectrum Disorder is a number of symptoms that are mostly exhibited in children when they fail to hit certain milestones. Autism is a delay in the developmental process of children. There are a wide range of symptoms that are usually first noticed by parents, and pediatricians. Often times, a parent will notice that their child does not laugh, does not like to be held, and does not do many of the things that most babies are supposed to do by a certain age. For example, they normally smile at 6 months, or mimic your facial expressions by the age of 9 months.

Why It’s Necessary To Schedule Autism Testing

If your child is experiencing these symptoms, schedule autism testing near Ortonville, MI should be the next recourse. Your pediatrician will recommend diagnostic testing if any of these other symptoms apply to your child.

  • Your child does not interact with others, or has problems with language. They may not speak, not do they make gestures, point at you, or wave goodbye.
  • Your child is exhibiting repetitive behaviors, or will scream uncontrollable when irritated. They do not know how to controll their emotions.
  • Your child chooses to be alone, and often stares blankly.
  • Your child may repeat certain actions like running back and forth, or rocking constantly. Their hands may flap continuously.

These symptoms should be discussed with the doctor as early as they are noticed. Prompt autism testing is essential for the child and the family.

Importance of Early Autism Testing

The sooner the child is diagnosed, the earlier the treatment can begin.

An often referred to doctor of psychology in Beverly Hills, MI  is Dr. Kat Lewitzke PsyD LP. She holds vast experience in testing children with autism, and is referenced by many of the local medical professional in the area. She is professionally trained in modern up to date psychological assessment methods used to properly diagnose the symptoms as well as create treatment plans.

Dr. Lewitzke’s  staff avidly rely on the Effective Autism Treatment and Therapy. Therefore, it is pertinent to get your child tested for autism as early as developmental delays are recognized.