Autism Testing in Berkley, MI

Have you have noticed that your child has not reached certain developmental milestones? Families in Berkley, Michigan who are suspecting autism can find comfort in the fact that their pediatrician may choose Dr. Kat Lewitzke PsyD to provide accurate diagnosis and treatment for autism.

Autism is a delay in the social, behavioral, language, and sensory development of a child. The first symptoms are usually noticed when the child is under 12 months old. Parents should pay close attention to their children and notice if there are problems in their development.

Signs Which Require Autism Testing

  • The child does not babble or coo as many babies do. They have a lack of language skills, both verbal and non verbal.
  • The child has behavioral issues. They are repetitive, and they do not interact with others.
  • The child does not make facial expressions, and they usually stare blankly.
  • The child may not like being picked up and held. They usually scream uncontrollably.
  • The child will often want to be alone. Their repetitiveness will show in ways like racking back and forth or flapping their hands and arms constantly.

Any of these signs should warrant a visit to the child’s pediatrician who often times, will recommend immediate Autism testing.

Why Waiting To Get Autism Testing is a Bad Idea

Prolonging the testing to see if things will change will not bring froth any benefits. In fact, early diagnosis will help the child get the best benefits from early treatment and therapy. It will also be very beneficial for the family as well.

Testing for autism in Berkley, Michigan is often provided by Dr. Lewitzke PsyD LP. She has helped many families and is duly trained in the modern up to date psychological assessment methods used to properly diagnose and treat autism.