Autism Testing In Troy Michigan

As a parents, we want the absolute best for our child, but what should you do if you suspect that your child in Troy MI might be in crucial need for autism testing services? If you suspect that key developmental milestones have either regressed or haven't been met, it may be beneficial and necessary to contact a professional trained in accurately diagnosing such issues.

Early Signs Of Autism.

Autism spectrum disorder, or ASD, is the official name for Autism. Being a spectrum disorder means there are many different levels of Autism that children and adults can experience. Each person is unique and may present with their own symptoms that vary dramatically from person to person. Moreover, people with Autism tend to have trouble developing social skills, are likely to repeat behaviors and most often may communicate non-verbally.

Does My Child Need Autism Testing?

Your child might need to be tested if you notice some of the most common Autism symptoms. Children with Autism are often frustrated and overwhelmed by lots of sensory stimulation. This means that they may avoid sounds, views and physical sensations that they do not like more than other children would.

These children also may have difficulty with basic social skills, like to repeat behaviors and are often nonverbal as small children. You may also notice that your child is overly fixated on one particular activity and ignores all other activities that other kids might otherwise not. Many children who have Autism also experience secondary medical issues such as digestion, sleep, and seizures disorders.

Why You Should Consider Getting Autism Testing Early.

One of the best reasons to consider having your child tested for Autism with Dr. Kat Lewitzke is because she can help you accurately diagnose your child at an early stage.

Early diagnosis matters and helps children make the most of their life because therapeutic tools can help your child assimilate into the world as well as develop crucial life skills earlier. Without early diagnosis, it is harder to help children adapt and reach their full potential.

Early Autism Testing Matters.

Early diagnosis leads to better treatment and will help your child reach his or her full potential. If you are concerned that your child might have Autism or another developmental disorder, do not hesitate to reach out to us at Bright Pine Behavioral Health to learn more about testing options and our comprehensive treatment plans. The sooner your child is tested, the sooner your child can receive crucial intervention treatment.

Children can lead wonderful, productive lives in many cases but the extent and subtype of the disorder needs to be correctly identified first. Treatment needs to begin as early as possible and the only way to get an accurate diagnosis and begin intensive therapeutic treatment is to get your child tested.

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