Autism Testing In Keego Harbor, MI

Autism happens to families of every race, ethnicity, socioeconomic background, and in every state of the nation including Michigan. Autism Spectrum Disorder is a group of disorders that cause developmental delays in children starting at infancy. Autism affects language skills, behavior skills, cognitive skills, sensory and social skills. Parents of infants usually start to notice any development delays in a child when they are around 6 months old, although it can be detected sooner. Knowing what to do and when to do it is a very important factor in the treatment of autism.

What Is Autism Testing and When Should You Schedule It?

Parents who have noticed that their child is not developing the same as most children should immediately express their concerns to the child’s pediatrician. The symptoms for Autism spectrum Disorder vary with each individual, and each case could range from mild and moderate to severe. A child exhibiting some of the following symptoms should be tested for autism;

  • By six months of age, the child has not smiled or laughed out, and they have not waved goodbye by the age of nine months.
  • The child does not change facial expression. They will not mimic the expressions of parents. They usually stare and will not respond to their name being called.
  • The child will cry when held. They prefer being left alone. They will not interact with others.
  • Toddlers will not share or play with anyone. Their behavior is repetitive. They may run back and forth, flap their hands and arms constantly, or rock to and fro.
  • They may be smaller that children their age, and they have no verbal or non verbal skills.

How To Get Autism Testing

If any of these symptoms are present, immediate autism testing should be the recommendation of the pediatrician. For families living in Keego Harbor, Michigan,  local medical professionals ofter refer to Dr. Kat Lewitzke, PsyD LP. She is one of the foremost experts on autism testing in the surrounding areas. She is trained in all of the modern up to date psychological assessments that allows her to properly diagnose and treat the many different cases she has been witness to.

Dr. Lewitzke also employs a talented team that uses many effective autism treatment and therapy methods because each individual is different. Such methods may include the Applied Behavior Analysis, which is increasing the desired behavior and decreasing the undesired behavior. This helps teach social, motor, and verbal behaviors.

In summary, testing a child for autism should begin as early as possible as therapies are more beneficial for young children. When a child is under five years of age, they tend to learn faster, and can possibly catch up to their peers if the autism is mild or moderate. Things to note here, is that autistic people can be quite smart and intelligent. And  many grow to become very independent adults.

Front desk staff may not always have the appropriate clinical expertise to answer questions about your unique situation. That’s why we provide quick and efficient consultations with experienced clinicians.