Autism Testing In Lake Orion Michigan
Dr. Kat Lewitzke has helped many families in Lake Orion MI and is a preferred source for autism testing by many medical and academic professionals in the surrounding area. She's specifically trained in the ADOS-2 assessment, the go to standard for accurate and precise early diagnosis.

Is Your Loved One In Need Of Autism Testing?

Autism Spectrum Disorder, refers to a range of conditions that are characterized by challenges with speech, communication, social skills, and repetitive behaviors. Not all children will have all the signs of autism. The symptoms and conditions will vary in severity among children. Autism is also a difficult disorder to understand, with so many variances it's especially important to have a licensed psychologist provide testing. It can be difficult for parents to know where to start when they first begin to wonder if something is wrong with their child. There are several sitinctive signs to be aware of, which we'll explore below;
  • Loss of speech or social skills
  • Avoidance of eye contact
  • Difficulty understanding feelings
  • Preference for solitude
  • Delayed language development
  • Resistance to change in routine or environment
  • Restricted interests
  • Repetitive behaviors (spinning, flapping, rocking, etc.)
  • Repetitive sounds, words, phrases
  • Intense reactions to sounds, smell, taste, textures, and/or light

If your child has any of the warning signs or you have concerns about your child’s development, contact us to seek autism testing in the Lake Orion MI area.

What Happens During Autism Testing.

Autism testing does not include any kind of lab work. It is completed by a licensed practitioner who observes behaviors and takes note of many questionnaires filled out by the family, teachers, and people who has significant contact with the child. Bright Pine Behavioral Health's clinic director Dr. Kat Lewitzke offers a variety of services that are capable of accurate diagnostic testing. She is a trained healthcare provider that has helped many families looking for autism testing in the city of Lake Orion and surrounding towns. Once testing is completed and an accurate diagnosis is presented, and if necessary, she can also help the family find the best treatment option for the child. It is shown that the earlier the treatment begins, the better it is for the child and the family.

Where to Seek Autism Testing in Lake Orion MI.

Bright Pine Behavioral Health offers many options for parents who have children with autism or who need to seek autism testing. This includes treatment, therapy, and testing services for infants, children, and adults with autism. A common treatment option for autism in ABA therapy, or applied behavior analysis therapy. ABA is one-on-one therapy that uses a child’s motivation and interests to deliver behavioral change. ABA therapy is also capable of coaching and training families to improve their interactions with their child who has autism. Autism treatment is not a tool that will work overnight. It can take time for the benefits to be seen. It is also important to combine it with other therapies like speech, occupational therapy, and physical therapy so that the child is receiving a fully rounded treatment for their disorder.

Why Early Autism Testing Is Important.

Our psychology practice near Lake Orion also has therapy services that can help families be able to get all the services needed for children with autism. This does not just include treatments, but also getting services for the child to be productive in school and the community. Autism affects all aspects of someone’s life and it is important to seek services early because, after all, success and productivity is more than possible for children with autism if provided in time and by the right people.


*Articles and all content on our site are for educational purposes only and should not be taken as professional medical advice. Please consult your licensed clinician for a proper evaluation.


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