Autsm Testing In Highland Michigan

Developmental issues exhibiting autism can manifest in children at a very young age. Therefore, it is essential to have autism testing done for your child as early as possible. Early diagnosis in Highland, MI and surrounding cities allows for proper help and support for your child from an early stage.

Read on to find out why your child needs this testing and how Dr. Lewitzke PsyD, our clinic director is trained to provide accurate diagnosis.

Why You Should Get Autism Testing Done Early

Knowing the signs and symptoms of autism will help you determine whether your child needs autism testing. The signs and symptoms of the disorder are classified into four main categories.

Social skills

Almost all individuals in the spectrum have problems with non-verbal communication. They have issues interpreting social cues and interacting with others. These problems manifest as early as the age of 10 months. They may include:

  • Disinterest in playing, talking and sharing with others
  • Preferring to be alone
  • Avoiding and refusing physical contact
  • Refusing comfort when upset
  • Not responding to their name at the age of 12 months and older
  • Lack of understanding their own emotions and those of others


More than 40% of children with autism are non-verbal. Another 30% will develop some communication and language skills only to lose them later. However, with the right intervention some children with autism may gain verbal communication later in life.

The communication problems of children with autism include:

  • Delayed development of speech
  • Repeating a word or phrase over and over (echolalia)
  • Robotic, flat, or singsong speaking voice
  • Interchanging pronoun use (using ‘you’ in the place of ‘I’)
  • Inability to recognize jokes and sarcasm
  • Not staying on topic when answering questions
  • Not using and not responding to common gestures such as waving and pointing

Restricted and repetitive behaviors and patterns

Individuals with autism have limited, often repetitive patterns, behaviors, and interests. These could include:

  • Repeated body movements such as running back and forth, rocking, and flapping
  • A fixation on a specific object or activity
  • Ritualistic behavior such as lining objects in a particular order
  • Resistance to change of routine
  • Extreme interest or disinterest in particular topics
  • Staring at lights and moving objects
  • Fussy eating habits
  • Disinterest in role-playing and make-believe


People with autism have sensory issues. They can either be over sensitive or under sensitive to light, touch, tastes, pain, and sound.

Where To Get Accurate Autism Testing.

Autism testing in Highland, MI can often be difficult as there is nothing as simple as a blood test to diagnose the disorder. Therefore, health professionals must be properly trained in up-to-date psychological assessment methods to properly analyze each different case.

Parents should consider a diagnosis as soon as they have any suspicion. If the child is too young, then an appointment can be made to accommodate for a future period.

Autism diagnosis is a two-step procedure.

  • Developmental screening: This is the first stage of testing. It helps doctors determine if your child has developmental delays related to autism. The screening is done during a visit to a trained pediatrician at the ages of 9, 18, and 24 months.
  • Comprehensive diagnostic evaluation: a thorough assessment of the child’s behavior and development is needed if the doctor notices development issues. In most cases, the child's physician will refer you to a trained child psychologist who specializes in accurate autism testing.

Early diagnosis of autism of autism makes a huge difference in the lives of children diagnosed with the disorder and their families. So, if you notice any signs and symptoms of autism in your child, don't wait, call Dr. Kat Lewitzke to have an open conversation for your next steps.


*Articles and all content on our site are for educational purposes only and should not be taken as professional medical advice. Please consult your licensed clinician for a proper evaluation.


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