Counseling and Therapy in Warren, MI

Does your doctor think you should see psychologists in Warren, MI? Does stress, worry, abuse, or mental illness keep you down? Our team of providers is happy to offer mental health assessments for bariatric treatment and counseling services for children with anger issues or bullying. We provide everything from personalized treatments to group therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy to clients needing help.

Our Therapists Can Help You Sleep Better

When nightmares or recurring and vivid dreams prevent you from getting the sleep you need, our counseling team can help. With breathing exercises and activities to avoid before bed, we can eliminate common causes of sleeplessness until we reach the root problem. With personal therapy, medication, or meditation, we can devise a plan that works for your lifestyle.

Psychologists Know Many Anxiety Reducing Techniques

Nervousness is common for many people. When anxiety begins interfering with your life though, it is time to do something about it. Our team of providers at Bright Pine Behavioral Health knows that grounding and breathing exercises work to reduce stress at the moment. Group therapy and behavioral counseling can be beneficial in the long term.

Our Counselors Can Help with Drug or Alcohol Addiction

Do you or someone in the family have a problem with drinking or using illegal drugs? Perhaps, prescription medication is a problem for you after an injury or surgical procedure. When you need someone to offer a lending ear and provide support to help you beat the addiction, our therapy team knows how to help you cope and overcome your addictive tendencies. We can talk with you, team you up with a group of recovering addicts, or get you help with in-patient care if that is a better option for your situation. In all cases, regular visits with our therapy team can help you break your attachment to drugs or alcohol.

Therapists in Warren, MI Treat Patients with Difficulty Having a Baby

People with fertility issues can develop emotional baggage. We provide assistance for couples under stress because of pregnancy not happening. Reducing the anxiety you feel while trying to have a baby can be beneficial and possibly make it easier to get pregnant. Furthermore, with calming exercises like meditation or breathing regularly, you can reduce stress and keep the body in harmony before the baby is conceived giving couples a higher chance of carrying the baby to full term.

Where to Find a Therapist in Warren, MI

When you need help from counselors, please call our Bright Pine Behavioral Health specialists. Our expert team of providers has the education and experience to provide custom treatment options tailored to your situation. Ask your doctor or specialist why we are a leader in the community.

Front desk staff may not always have the appropriate clinical expertise to answer questions about your unique situation. That’s why we provide quick and efficient consultations with experienced clinicians.