Counseling and Therapy in Shelby Township, MI

At Bright Pine Behavioral Health, our team of psychologists in Shelby Township, MI provide intense treatment, caring support, and group therapies for our clients. From meditation, addiction treatment, and abuse services, we help our neighbors cope with bad situations and better themselves to be confident, productive members of society. We want you to be the best you can.

Therapists Treat People Who Are Affected By Various Issues

Individuals who suffer abuse at the hands of a loved one can have long lasting problems. Guilt, anxiety, depression, and self-harm are a few things that a person of abuse might experience. Our experts understand the needs of abuse victims because we have the licenses and training to care for these individuals. If you or your family is a victim of domestic violence, then reach out to our practice. We can help you get out of an abusive situation and deal with the effects.

Our Psychologists Care for Children 

Children with social problems or physical ailments can develop bad behaviors. Sometimes, the answer is clear and a few sessions are all the child needs to correct ill habits. If your child needs more extensive treatment, then our psychology team has the training to help your little one get back on track to living normally.

Caring Counselors Provide Support for Indecisiveness 

Do you have trouble making decisions? Do you jump from job to job not knowing which one will benefit your life the most? Our counseling team offers therapy for career selection. We can evaluate you to see what your strengths and weaknesses are so that you can make an informed decision for your situation and abilities.

Therapists in Shelby Township, MI Offer Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Social Anxiety

Some people have a big fear of being in huge crowds, attending functions away from the home, or coping with talking to new people. When your job requires you to network, the stress of social anxiety can be overwhelming. Our experts can help you develop coping mechanisms for the anxiety while working on strategies to give you the confidence to overcome your fears. We can ease you into social activities with participation in group therapies and offering guidance for special events. Behavior adjusting treatments can help you learn new perspectives or gain interest in new activities. Moreover, CBT treatment can help you enjoy these activities when you get over the worry and fear.

Where to Find a Therapist in Shelby Township, MI

Our counselors at Bright Pine Behavioral Health are dedicated to making sure you live a happy and healthy life. When your specialist feels you need counseling, then please call our office to set up an evaluation. We take referrals from many local physicians.

Front desk staff may not always have the appropriate clinical expertise to answer questions about your unique situation. That’s why we provide quick and efficient consultations with experienced clinicians.