Counseling and Therapy in Wayne County, MI

Why should your child see a therapist in Wayne County, MI? Psychologists treat people for many reasons including psychological evaluations for surgery, testing for gifted students, and anxiety. Cheating, jealousy, and relationship problems are other areas where a professional can offer an unbiased opinion. Some of the more delicate situations we handle are problems concerning children and teenagers.

Our Therapists Help Families with Children who Self Harm

It may be hard to find out if your son or daughter is cutting themselves, but one way to approach the situation is to be blunt. Our therapy team says to open the door to communicate with your child allowing them to expose the problem to you or someone they trust. One sign of cutting is a refusal to wear clothing that does not cover up the entire limb. There are other signs that our specialists can teach you to be observant for at home.

Licensed Psychologists Improve Self-Esteem

When your child has no self-confidence and lacks the ability to stand up for themselves, then it is vital to help them see their worth. Children often feel stressed at school because of exams, bullies, or harsh criticism from teachers. When this problem begins to affect things your child normally does or likes, then it is an issue. Our group therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy teams can provide a safe place for your child to discuss things that hurt them and ways they can overcome not having enough confidence.

Counselors Provide Assistance to Parents with Children with School Issues

Do you have a child that refuses to do homework? Is your student in danger of getting kicked out of school because of truancy issues? Our team of providers can help you find out why your child or teen is acting out. In addition, we will discuss remedies and find a tailored solution that works for your family and situation.

Where to Find a Therapist in Wayne County, MI

At Bright Pine Behavioral Health, our counselors want your children to be healthy and satisfied in life so that they become prominent citizens in the community. We strive to offer helpful and convenient sessions that fit your needs. When you want a leader with top affiliations in the area, then come and see our Wayne County therapists.

Front desk staff may not always have the appropriate clinical expertise to answer questions about your unique situation. That’s why we provide quick and efficient consultations with experienced clinicians.