Counseling and Therapy in Southfield, MI

Do you want to know why therapy is important? Sleep is one of the most important things giving us a refreshed feeling and a bright disposition. That statement is only true, however, if you get a full night of sleep. What happens when you do everything you can think of, but still find yourself wide awake two hours before work? Our psychologists understand how the mind and body work together to put you to sleep each night. We know how to analyze certain physical ailments to find out if the cause is mental, emotional, or a result of a health condition.

Nightmare Disorder

Therapists tell patients that many things can cause problems with bad dreams. One of the most common causes of nightmares is watching scary or vivid shows before going to sleep. Another typical cause of these dreams is eating and falling asleep right away. Furthermore, post-traumatic stress and general anxiety are other causes of nightmares our specialists can treat.


Everyone goes through a period where sleep will not come no matter how much you wish and pray. When this process becomes a recurring theme in your life, our counselors suggest coming in for some personal therapy time to figure out the problem. Our counseling sessions are often short term for patients with quickly curable issues like needing an answer to a problem at work or adjusting caffeine intake.


Counselors admit finding help for people with narcolepsy is not easy. This problem has no real cure. Treatment involves personal therapy, using naps to stave off tiredness, and avoidance when feeling weak or sleepy. This condition is dangerous because a person can fall asleep while operating vehicles or using machinery at work. Our psychology team knows in-depth ideas and techniques to help you gain control of your life and stay awake more often in the daytime.

Flipping your Schedule

Therapists in Southfield, MI treat patients like first responders who work long shifts. When your sleep schedule gets confusing, our team can help you stabilize the day and night flip. Our team has a broad range of sleeping strategies to help you get back on track after long years of night shift work or alternating day and night schedules.

How to Find a Therapist in Southfield, MI

When you need psychologists in Southfield, MI, our team of providers at Bright Pine Behavioral Health is ready to help you overcome any problems that are keeping you up at night or stopping you from getting the rest you need. We also offer a full battery of psychological and physical testing for surgery. Our team can help you get the sleep you need to feel happy and refreshed.

Front desk staff may not always have the appropriate clinical expertise to answer questions about your unique situation. That’s why we provide quick and efficient consultations with experienced clinicians.