Transforming Mental Health Care with Apple’s Vision Pro and State of Mind Features

Transforming Mental Health Care with Apple's Vision Pro and State of Mind Features

Table of Contents In recent years, technology has increasingly intersected with mental health care, offering new tools and platforms for therapy, assessment, and self-help. Among the most intriguing developments are Apple’s Vision Pro and the State of Mind features, which promise to revolutionize how individuals engage with mental health resources. This article explores how these … Read more

Point-of-Service Collections in Mental Health Private Practices: Necessity and Execution


Table of Contents While point-of-service collection isn’t new to healthcare, many mental health private practices don’t utilize it effectively. By understanding its significance and best practices, you’ll enhance your practice’s financial stability and patient experience. Can Therapists and Counselors Collect Fees Upfront? Certainly, therapists and counselors can—and should—collect deductibles, session fees, and other charges upfront. … Read more

US Senator Gary Peters Congratulates Dr. Kat Lewitzke

US Senate Logo

Table of Contents Dear Kat, Congratulations on being named to Oakland Together’s 40 under 40 Class of 2023. This award is a testament to your leadership, professional excellence, and longstanding service to Oakland County. I appreciate your good work, and look forward to your continued success. Congratulations again. Sincerely, Gary C PetersU.S. Senator US Senator … Read more

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