Clinical Psychologist vs. Neuropsychologist: Understanding the Differences and the Role of Board Certification

Clinical Psychologist vs. Neuropsychologist Understanding the Differences and the Role of Board Certification

Table of Contents The fields of clinical psychology and neuropsychology often overlap, but they are distinct in several ways. Both professions require extensive education and training, but their focus, methods, and career paths can differ significantly. One question that frequently arises is whether one needs to be board-certified to be considered a neuropsychologist. This article … Read more

Nurturing and Understanding Gifted Children: Insights from a Mom Psychologist

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Table of Contents As a psychologist who assesses children for giftedness and a parent of a gifted child, I understand the intricacies of identifying and supporting these remarkable young minds. In this post, I’ll guide you through the key traits of gifted children, the assessment process, and practical ways to nurture their exceptional abilities. Understanding … Read more

Unlocking the Blueprint to Your Child’s Unique Potential Through Psychological Testing Services

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Questions? Schedule a 20-Minute Consultation Schedule Your Assessment I’d Like To Learn More Dear Dedicated Parent, Ever gazed into the bright eyes of your child, pondering the expansive realm of their capabilities? Like many devoted parents, you’ve likely envisioned the countless successes, joys, and adventures that lie ahead in their journey. And in the quiet … Read more

Mental Health Statistics for Michigan 2023

Mental Health Statistics For Michigan 2023

Table of Contents The overall ranking for mental health in a region is determined by combining scores from 15 measures. This ranking encompasses data from both adults and youth, addressing issues like mental illness prevalence and care accessibility. The 15 measures include factors like: Adults with Any Mental Illness (AMI), Adults with Substance Use Disorder … Read more

Levels of Autism: A Closer Look At Unique Characteristics and Challenges


Table of Contents Definition of Autism Autism is a complex neurodevelopmental disorder that affects individuals of all ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds. It is characterized by a range of behavioral and communication challenges, as well as differences in social interaction and sensory processing. Autistic Spectrum Disorder: Autism is often referred to as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), … Read more