Explore Lex Fridman Podcast EP:366 with Shannon Curry: Johnny Depp & Amber Heard Trial, Marriage, Dating & Love

Shannon Curry Lex Fridman

Table of Contents Shannon Curry and Lex Fridman discuss various aspects of relationships, couples therapy, and psychology. Here’s a summary of the key topics discussed: Starting a relationship: The importance of establishing a strong foundation and understanding each other’s values, goals, and communication styles in the early stages of a relationship. Couples therapy: The … Read more

Navigating Psychological Testing: What Clients Need to Know

What clients want to know about psychological testing

Table of Contents Embarking on the journey of psychological testing can be both enlightening and nerve-wracking for clients. As they seek answers to personal struggles or try to unlock their potential, understanding the ins and outs of the testing process becomes essential. In this guide, we aim to demystify psychological testing for clients, providing valuable … Read more

Psychological vs. Neuropsychological Testing: Unraveling the Intricacies of the Mind

the difference between psychological testing and neuropsychological testing

Table of Contents Have you ever wondered about the inner workings of your mind and the tools used to decipher its complexities? Psychological and neuropsychological testing offer unique insights into cognitive, emotional, and behavioral processes. While they may sound similar, their focus, techniques, and goals differ significantly. In this article, we’ll explore the differences between … Read more

US Senator Gary Peters Congratulates Dr. Kat Lewitzke

US Senate Logo

Table of Contents Dear Kat, Congratulations on being named to Oakland Together’s 40 under 40 Class of 2023. This award is a testament to your leadership, professional excellence, and longstanding service to Oakland County. I appreciate your good work, and look forward to your continued success. Congratulations again. Sincerely, Gary C PetersU.S. Senator US Senator … Read more

Five Step Formula To Mental Health Success

5 Steps to Mental Health Success

Table of Contents Ray Dalio, the founder of Bridgewater Associates, a renowned investment firm, believes that following this five-step formula is key to achieving success in any area of life, from personal development to business and finance. He also emphasizes the importance of learning from failures and constantly improving one’s approach in order to achieve … Read more