Mind Matters: Understanding Yourself with Psychological Testing

Psychological Testing

Table of Contents As human beings, we are all inherently curious creatures. We seek answers to questions big and small, and we constantly strive to understand the world around us. But what about the most important question of all – who are we, truly? The truth is, our self-perception is shaped by a multitude of … Read more

ADOS Autism Testing In Michigan. A Complete Guide For Parents.

ADOS Autism Testing In MIchigan A Complete Guide For Parents

Table of Contents The ADOS is a standardized test that measures social skills, communication skills, and behaviors in children. The purpose of the test is to help determine whether a child has autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or another developmental disability. The ADOS is a series of tests that are administered by trained clinicians in a … Read more

How To Get An Autism Diagnosis and Services. Actionable Advice For Parents Through Personal Experience

Table of Contents Sharon Tonnies is a twin mom and an autism advocate. She and her husband, have 16-year-old twin boys, and have been married for 19 years. Sharon supports the Autism Alliance of Michigan and is currently on the Board of Directors for the Michigan Council of Exceptional Children as well as the Consumer … Read more

Approved Autism Evaluation Centers in Michigan (AAEC)

Approved Autism Evaluation Centers In Michigan AAEC

Take Our Free Autism Screener Schedule An Autism Assessment I’d Like A 20-Minute Consultation Table of Contents In Michigan, insurance companies mandate an official autism assessment from an Autism Assessment Evaluation Center (AAEC) before approving ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) therapy services. However, long wait times at AAECs (1-2 years or longer) prompt most parents to … Read more

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