Therapists in Waterford, MI

Our psychologists at Bright Pine Behavioral Health offer a broad spectrum of treatment for our veterans and active military personnel. We are proud to provide experienced and licensed assistance to any military member needing our help. From PTSD to sexual abuse, our team has caring providers who want to help you get to a better place in life. Let’s touch on a few issues we can help with below;


Our therapists work with military veterans who need a way to break free from the cycle of pain and nightmares they experience each day. Reliving an explosion or major injury, feeling numb or avoiding people, jumpiness, and overwhelming guilt are the four groups of problems our therapy team sees in PTSD sufferers. Patients get one-on-one treatment along with group therapy and behavioral exercises to help them release the pain of the event.


Our psychologists come across rape in our military ranks from time to time and offer support to local victims. Over 20 percent of women in the armed forces says she is a victim of rape or sexual harassment. Dealing with traumatic events like a rape or molestation in the military requires a careful approach. Our licensed experts understand the delicate nature of the situation and how to help men and women in the military after rape and sexual abuse.


Military counselors see patients who do not get a job because of gender, race, or religious affiliation even though the military is not supposed to discriminate. When people are torn down and told they are not good, passed over for promotions, or ridiculed for who they are, it can destroy a person emotionally. Our team of specialists understands discrimination hurts. We use various ideas to help our patients overcome bad feelings and adjust to living life with no regrets.

Traumatic Brain Injury

Therapists in Waterford, MI treat military members with traumatic brain injury from concussive forces like military vehicle accidents, improvised explosives, and mines. Patients can have amnesia, anger issues, depression, anxiety, PTSD and many other issues directly relating to a major brain injury. We work with military veterans to perform brain exercises, memory strategies, and stress relieving techniques.

Where to Find a Therapist in Waterford, MI

Our counselors in Waterford encourage military members with emotional or mental trauma to seek help from a professional. At Bright Pine Behavioral Health, our techniques for stress relief and beating your fears can help you find the path to better days. Our quality and experience allow us to offer you leading military therapy help.