Therapists in Troy, MI

Why is therapy effective for Troy residents? Treatment for emotional distress from dealing with cancer, rape, dependent personality, and mood swings is necessary to help a person deal with the problems at hand and let go of emotional baggage. Our psychologists see many patients each year who need ways to stop freaking out and learning how to get past hurtful events.

Cancer Diagnosis

When you get the worst news of your life involving a positive cancer diagnosis, it is devastating to the core. With our licensed therapists near Troy, MI, our process involves helping you wrap your head around the positive results and get to a place of clarity. You need a clear head to make the biggest decisions of your life. We help you learn how to manage stress and bad days to fight against your diagnosis.


Psychologists say treating rape victims is a delicate process. Each person goes through anger, denial, hopelessness, despair, hate, and other emotions. Not any individual can have the same course of treatment because the situations and people vary. Providing a listening ear with compassion and heart is why our team at Bright Pine Behavioral Health is a leader in the area.


Do you need someone else to make you feel whole? Do you rely on your spouse, parent, or friend to make all the decisions? While this may be true of your current lifestyle, there are ways our counselors can help you learn to be more independent. Our self-confidence techniques, breathing exercises, and grounding tactics will prepare you to get out in the world and perform everyday tasks alone.

Irritability and Anger Issues

Therapists find many patients are angry. Stress at work, home, or school can build to a point where you might not know how to deal with it or get it to stop affecting your life. When mood swings become a problem for the people around you, or you stop living your life fully, then our respected counselors want to help you find a path to better days.

Where to Find a Therapist in Troy, MI

Our Bright Pine Behavioral Health therapy team works with clients that need diagnostic and clinical testing for autism and dementia. We counsel patients who are victims of domestic violence and abuse. Helping people deal with problems in life to come out on the other side to survive is what we do. Our treatments are effective because our patients live more fulfilling lives after seeking our assistance.