Our Psychological Testing Process and Road Map

This page is designed to provide you with all of the details required to make an informed decision about our psychological and neuropsychological testing services. Please review our infographic, explainer video and Testing FAQ (frequently asked questions) all available for you below!

If you’re looking for local Michigan-based psychological testing specialists who are able to provide a comprehensive and accurate diagnostic assessment to children, teens, and adults, look no further. 

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20-Minute Psychological Testing Consultation Call

Our consultation call is designed to help you make an informed choice by providing you with the information you need.

Your testing concerns and questions will be answered by an experienced clinician to save you time and frustration so that you make the best decision for yourself and your family.

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What Makes Our Psychological Testing Process Better

Getting the right psychological assessment provider can be an overwhelming and difficult task. Luckily, with our extensive clinical experience, we offer a high-quality, comprehensive solution that delivers the most accurate diagnosis along with the most valuable and helpful treatment recommendations possible.

As experts in our field, we are here to guide you through the process and make sure you get the most accurate information to make an informed choice for the best possible care.

While some providers offer assessment services, very few provide accurate and concise results.

We find that low cost and quick turnaround promises, oftentimes result in substandard diagnostic reports. A true disservice to clients who are then forced to seek a re-evaluation by a higher-standard provider. Therefore, the real value lies in an experienced and passionate service provider who will spend the required time necessary on your unique case and evaluation.

  • Follow up within 24-48 hours upon service request
  • Multiple Psychologists On Staff Specializing In Testing
  • Experienced Obsessive Clinician Focus on Diagnostic Assessment
  • Shorter Wait Times For Appointments
  • Custom Tailored Assessment Testing Battery
  • Gold Standard Assessment Protocols
  • Detailed Diagnostic Reports Using The Most Up To Date Methodologies
  • Streamlined Administrative Process and Clear Terms
  • Multi-page Comprehensive Recommendations
  • Simple to Understand, Flat Rate Out of Pocket Rates. Accurate Insurance Estimates For In-Network Clients
  • 20-minute Consultation With An Experienced Clinician Available at an affordable rate without commitments.

Psychological Testing Process Infographic

The infographic below is designed to breakdown the entire expected testing process. Appointment times reflect a full neuropsychological assessment. 

An Inforgraphic about the psychological testing process

Psychological Testing Explainer Video

*Fill out the form at the link below and we’ll be in-touch within 24-48 hours to confirm.

*Expedited services are offered twice a month to meet time sensitive client needs and are private pay only. Reports are produced within 2-3 business days of testing. 

*Designed for clients who have more questions about the process. Questions answered by an experienced testing specialist. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Psychological Testing Services

Yes. We are in-network with Blue Cross Blue Shield, Blue Care Network, and ASR. If we are not in-network with your carrier, we could still see you and provide you with a superbill reimbursement invoice for you to submit to your carrier for credit toward the out-of-network benefits portion of your plan. A superbill invoice is an official reimbursement invoice that contains all the billable service codes your carrier uses to process claims.

Scheduling a psychological testing appointment is done in three easy steps.

  1. Fill Out Our Contact Form
  2. We’ll Get In Touch in 1-2 Business Days To Explain The Process and Verify Your Insurance Benefits
  3. Your Clinician Will Reach Out With Scheduling After Benefits Are Verified. 

Diagnostic Reports are provided within 4-6 weeks of your in-person testing appointment. We need to allow enough time for your claim to process with your carrier. Once the balance is settled in full, the report is released and results are addressed during the Feedback appointment.

Expedited Testing results are provided within 3 Business Days of the testing appointment.

A Full Neuropsychological Assessment takes approximately 12-15 clinician hours to complete. The psychological testing time frame is broken down as follows:

  • 1 hr – Intake Appointment
  • 4-7 hrs – In-person Testing
  • 2 hrs – Scoring
  • 1-2 hrs – Analysis
  • 2-3 hrs – Report Production
  • 1 hr – Feedback
  • Total: 12-15 Hours


Costs can vary depending on the insurance carrier and your contract as that drives the rate. Some plans have deductibles while other plans don’t. A deductible is an amount a subscriber has to meet before the carrier covers a portion or all of the costs associated. Whether you’re paying out of pocket or utilizing your insurance, our fee structure is simple and broken down below:

  • Administration Fee: Our administration fee is always an out-of-pocket cost and is not reimbursable by your carrier. The admin fee is designed to cover the costs of the materials/protocols as well as time for equipment use setup and proper equipment maintenance and sanitation. Our admin fees are detailed on our terms page.
  • Intake Appointment Fee: CPT 90791. The cost is driven by contracted rates set forth by your carrier. Out-of-pocket costs are driven by the deductible and cost share.
  • In-Person Testing: Combination of CPT 96130,96131,96132,96133,96136,96137,96138,96139 The cost is driven by contracted rates set forth by your carrier. Out-of-pocket costs are driven by the deductible and cost share.
  • Feedback Appointment: CPT 90837 The cost is driven by contracted rates set forth by your carrier. Out-of-pocket costs are driven by the deductible and cost share.

Total dollar costs will vary by plan and by the insurance carrier. Below are the expected payouts from the carriers we accept. Please note that if you have a deductible to pay into, expect to pay into it in the range below. If you have a coinsurance %, then expect to pay the coinsurance % of the range below. If you have a deductible to meet, we’ll charge an estimated rate upfront. Once the claim processes, you may owe more or less than what we charged you. Again, this is something out of our control and is driven by your carrier.

Full Neuropsychological Testing Expected Insurance costs. Please note, the cost can be much lower if the deductible does not apply. You are always welcome to call your carrier to understand what they may be covering. The ranges below are estimated payouts for the psychological testing service.

BCBS – $1,600-$2,100

BCN – $1,200-$1,800

Every insurance company has different contracted rates but most clients can expect the cost to be in the $1800-2500 range for a full neuropsychological assessment. This cost estimate range also includes our admin fee.

Yes. In an effort to make the service both available and affordable we’ve partnered with Care Credit. Whether you’re using Care Credit to privately or to meet your plan’s deductible, you’ll have a plethora of repayment and term options available to you.

Care Credit makes it easy, simple, and affordable. Click here for more information

All testing batteries are custom-tailored and designed by our Clinic Director. Although detailed questions should be reserved for the billable intake appointment, we do understand and respect that some clients require more information to make an informed decision for themselves and their families. To provide the best service possible, our expert clinicians offer a 20-minute consultation call to address any and all concerns prior to you making any commitments with scheduling.

To schedule your testing consultation, simply fill out the form at this link.

Once we receive your request, one of our testing specialists will reach out with availability via email to schedule your phone consultation.

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