Therapists in Oakland County, MI

Psychologists offer important treatment to children who need help to adjust to school, victims of assault, and people with relationship issues. Our Oakland County team of counselors is proud to provide a variety of therapies to help people find a path to calmer days and brighter outlooks.

We are dedicated to our Michigan neighbors in need of a hand up to a sound mind and body. Let’s take a look at some of the issues we help our clients with.

School Problems

Counselors find positive ways to deal with students who do not want to attend school. Giving the child a place to talk alone or in a group can help them open up when they do not want to talk to parents or friends. Our licensed personnel have experience working with children that withdraw and feel afraid to open up to provide therapies that coax them out of their shells to participate in school and home activities.

Robbery Victims

Assault victims at the hands of a burglar or mugger can suffer traumatic problems for weeks or months following the crime. Our therapists in Oakland County, MI are experienced at helping you get back your sanity after these situations. We offer cognitive behavior therapy, group meetings, and personal counseling to overcome these issues.

Marriage Issues

Psychologists see many couples who need a little help to connect or learn to communicate better. Our licensed staff has the skills to help married couples reduce strain between each other and get on the path to a better relationship. Marriage counseling is beneficial and effective when patients need help for problems that affect daily activities.

Where to Find a Therapist in Oakland County, MI

Our therapists at Bright Pine Behavioral Health are affiliated with leading groups like the Autism Alliance of Michigan and the National Academy of Neuropsychology. Our experience allows us to offer a variety of services for our neighbors. When you need help to deal with the bad things life throws at you, our caring team of professionals can counsel you on effective ways of conquering these issues.