Jessica Teeples MA TLLP

Jessica Teeples MA TLLP Psychometrist

Jessica Teeples MA TLLP

Therapist - Lead Psychometrist

Jessica Teeples holds a Masters of Arts in Clinical Psychology from the Michigan School of Psychology. As a psychometrist, she began her assessment training in graduate school. From there she completed additional training through her internship on the Autism Diagnostic Observation Scale (ADOS). Jessica also trained under Dr. Kat Lewitzke to further enhance her assessment skills, and has completed autism training through Western Psychological Services (WPS); a well-known leading independent publisher of educational and psychological assessments for autism and sensory processing measures. She has tested individuals of all ages from as young as 1 year old up through adulthood struggling with executive functioning deficits, speech delay, academic weaknesses, behavioral concerns, and other emotional issues.

Jessica prides herself on providing a thorough and compassionate testing experience. She employs empathic listening skills and a gentle understanding of behavioral responses to ensure that patients feel as comfortable as possible throughout the testing process.

Jessica has experience with co-facilitating a group for teens struggling with depression and anxiety. She is most comfortable with therapy clients from as young as early teens to later adulthood with diagnoses of anxiety and depression.

Psychological and Neuropsychological Testing.

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