Safa Sankari MS TLLP

Safa Sankari Michigan Therapist

Safa Sankari MS TLLP

Therapist and Psychometrist

Safa Sankari completed her Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology at the University of Michigan Dearborn. Her thesis focused on refugee mental health and how poor sleep can impact overall mental well-being in the refugee population in Southeast Michigan. 

Safa was trained in assessment and therapy throughout graduate school, and completed her practicum here at Bright Pine Behavioral Health under the supervision Dr. Kat Lewitzke. She has extensive experience testing patients struggling with academic concerns, executive functioning, speech delay and emotional and behavioral problems from age 1 through adults. Moreover, Safa was trained extensively in autism testing, intelligence testing, as well as emotional screening.  She also completed autism training through Western Psychological Services (WPS); a well-known leading independent publisher of educational and psychological assessments for autism and sensory processing measures. 

As a result, Safa is especially experienced assessing young children and prides herself on her gentle and caring approach to help them be as comfortable as possible during testing.

Safa is married and has 3 children and enjoys biking, volunteering, and traveling.