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What is play therapy? Can this treatment be beneficial for your child? We give you three ways our psychologists use this form of behavioral analysis to help kids who deal with bullies, school issues, and relationship problems. They learn to communicate feelings and find ways to cope with anxiety and stress with the help of our expert team of psychological providers.

Play Therapy Boosts Communication Skills

Our therapists use play to help your child express feelings like sadness and anger. Acting out scenarios with toys is a safe way for children to get out the emotions in a harmless manner. Talking about hurtful situations allows your child to get past bad memories. A shy child can learn to be outspoken when someone tries to bully a friend or steal something later on.

Psychologists say These Treatments Have Been Around for Nearly 90 Years

Counselors use safe environments to get children to talk about death, abuse, neglect, and traumatic events. Just like adults should not hold feelings inside, children need a safe outlet to talk about and process bad things. Similarly, play therapy encourages children to speak up when they notice something wrong.

Counselors Use Play Therapy to Reduce Stress

Children who experience rape, molestation, or abuse often withdraw. Bringing these individuals to a point where they feel safe enough to talk is how our therapists in Wixom use industry experience and training. Understanding how to reach a child that does not want to talk or has no desire to relive bad experiences is difficult, but with our licensed therapy team, we can help your little one find confidence through playing with toys.

Where to Find a Therapist in Wixom, MI

Bright Pine Behavioral Health offers beneficial mental health therapy to children who have trouble talking about bad life experiences. We work to forge a strong bond of trust that lets your child feel safe during play. Using fun activities, we allow your child to open the door to communicate when they are ready to interact with a trustworthy adult who does not judge.