Therapists in Sterling Heights, MI

Therapy is beneficial to the life of those who are the ones bullies look for and want to attack. Learning disabilities, physical deformities, and prejudice are a few things that can destroy someone’s self-esteem. Counselors can help children and adults having a problematic time with someone at work, school, or the neighborhood by teaching the person or family how to deal with hurtful situations.

Learning Disabilities

Do you have problems with comprehension? Does staying on task seem like an impossible job? Our psychology providers have tips and ideas to help you manage your time better and make the most of your day. We can also diagnose all ages when other physicians think there is a problem.

Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome

These disorders can affect any person, but the chances for boys having this issue is quadruple that of girls. This condition takes a licensed professional time to diagnose correctly. While it may be true that there are no cures for autism, our psychologists have extensive expertise in helping treat these issues and teach families how to cope with stressful situations and outbursts. Group therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and family time with a counselor can be beneficial to those with autism.

School Issues

Therapists in Sterling Heights, MI see many patients with behavioral issues. School age children are commonly bullied, feel undervalued, or have problems fitting in with the rest of the kids. Our counselors understand why these problems happen and how to help with creative outlets, breathing techniques, meditation, and group treatments including desensitization. We can help your child overcome fears and gain self-esteem to become a better student and person while fitting in and making friends.


This delicate issue can bring up painful memories or cause a person to become bitter and spiteful. Therapists can teach people how to stop for a minute and think about the consequences of being provoked. Behavioral therapy is one way psychologists treat anger and violent tendencies that arise from constant discrimination. If you think your child or family member needs help to deal with discriminatory experiences, then we want to offer you the chance to make things better for them and your family. We will set up individual treatment or group therapy depending on the situation and the number of people.

Where to Find a Therapist in Sterling Heights, MI

As a proud member of the National Academy of Neuropsychology and the Autism Alliance of Michigan, our licensed therapy providers in Sterling Heights, MI are proud to offer counseling services and testing. Whether your doctor refers you to our practice, or you make the call yourself, we look forward to discussing any issues you need assistance understanding or helping you find a diagnosis for your child or teenager.