Therapists in Royal Oak, MI

Why is therapy important? Psychologists answer many questions each day, and this one is very common for our practitioners to hear. Therapy has many advantages including relieving stress, finding clarity in a difficult time, diagnosing physical and mental ailments, and providing an outlet for anger and abuse victims.

Our therapists can help with over 50 common issues, let’s learn about a small chunk of them below.

Postpartum Depression

Therapists offer a vital service to some ten to twenty percent of new mothers. Sadness, persistent worrying, and anxiety that does not subside are some of the things that counseling teams can address. Group therapy is also helpful in these situations.

Dealing with Stress

Most health disorders put some type of stress on the body or mind says psychologists. Our team provides important ways to cope with tough times and ways to avoid feeling the same again. This treatment is important to prevent mental breakdowns, hospital stays, and undue discomfort and anguish on the family.

Attachment Issues in School-Age Children

Counselors provide valuable assistance when kindergarten and preschool-age children cannot leave home to go to school for a few hours each day. These kids can have trouble adapting and keeping grades up when attending first grade and on. Our therapy sessions can assist with the transition with proven techniques and new ideas.

Parenting Techniques

Therapists in Royal Oak help parents with counseling for parenting issues like court-mandated therapy. Our team helps reunite families by listening and working to correct bad habits with cognitive behavioral therapy. We strive to give mothers and fathers the tools they need to be the best parents they can to have a safe and happy home.

Where to Find a Therapist in Royal Oak, MI

Do you feel like you might need counselors in Royal Oak? Our Bright Pine Behavioral Health team is highly recommended by local physicians. As you can tell, our services offer important mental and emotional health benefits for our clients.