Therapists in Oxford, MI

Psychologists in Oxford, MI treat clients for many conditions. From postpartum depression to psychosis, every person has a different reason for seeing a therapy provider. Sometimes, counseling or group therapy is effective, and other times, medication and intense behavioral changes are necessary. Our providers approach each new patient with an open mind. We take the time to learn about you and your life experiences before deciding the best approach to give you the best care. Let’s touch base on only a few issues that our staff can provide support on.


Did you know that depression is the number one reason people become disabled in America? Our therapists have extensive education and training dealing with depression. This problem can make a person cry all the time, feel angry, or experience a hopeless feeling that does not go away. We help you see past the situations that put you in a deep state of despair to live a more fulfilling life.

Sleep Disorders

Psychologists see patients for many health issues including sleep problems that interfere with daily activities. Insomnia, REM disorders, nightmares, and narcolepsy are a few of the problems that we treat. Our patients use our services to get better rest and improve health overall.

Social Anxiety

Our counselors see many people who are nervous about getting out in public and participating in everyday activities. Whether it is a fear of crowds, or the inability to communicate without stuttering, our team of health providers can find easy solutions that fit the disorder plaguing you.

Self-Esteem Problems

When you do not have the confidence to perform your job effectively, then life can be difficult. For example, a manager who lets everyone else decide what the team is going to do can benefit from counseling services and cognitive behavioral therapy to learn how to be more assertive. Therapists in Oxford, MI provide these services along with help for suicide, eating disorders, and obsessive compulsive disorder.

Where to Find a Therapist in Oxford, MI

Our counselors at Bright Pine Behavioral Health provide a wide range of services for our neighbors. When your family doctor wants you to seek mental help, we offer trained and licensed practitioners to help you with any problem. Feel free to reach out to us on our contact page.