Therapists in Macomb County, MI

Why is therapy important? Psychologists offer people assistance with many mental health issues that are detrimental to the person and family if left untreated. Abnormal fears, worry that you have a serious health problem, and an inability to leave your house are all problems we see regularly at Bright Pine Behavioral Health.

Examples of Therapy Issues Near Macomb, MI


Counselors find that patients who have abnormal fears can exaggerate dangers and threats to the point of isolating themselves. These irrational thoughts can be a worry that something is going to happen to someone in the house like a death, car accident, or fire. Other paranoia signs are fearing people or the government watching you, following you to and from work, and documenting everything you do.

Panic Attacks

Anxiety affects millions of people each year. In the United States, nearly 20 percent of the population suffers from nervous feelings that graduate to full-fledged panic. Therapists in Michigan use years of training and expertise working with the Macomb County community to get people to distract themselves and calm down. Through breathing exercises, a person can take the mind off from the upsetting thoughts and regulate oxygen intake to reduce hyperventilating.


Therapists treat patients who have irrational fears of disease and health problems known as hypochondria. This condition is a form of anxiety. How can you tell if someone might suffer from this disorder? Symptoms can include a feeling that something is seriously wrong even with tests proving the person is healthy, a fear that they will catch every illness with long lasting symptoms that disrupt work, school, sleep, or relationships.


Counselors say patients with phobias experience a powerful feeling of fear when faced with performing a task, seeing a particular insect or animal, or certain situations. Women are more likely than men to feel like they have an intense fear of spiders, for example. Anxiety issues like phobias and panic attacks are treatable, but nearly 40 percent of the population hides these worries.

Where to Find a Therapist in Macomb County, MI

Our psychologists want everyone in Michigan to know that whether you live in Macomb County or another area of the state, if you profoundly fear something, then we can help with behavioral therapy, group meetings, and personal counseling. When you face something so daunting that it interrupts your normal life, we can help you find a way to deal with the situation in a healthy manner saving your sanity.