Therapists in Huntington Woods, MI

Abuse, neglect, and willful oppression are things that no person should ever suffer at the hands of anyone, much less someone he or she loves. Our psychologists work to help victims of violent acts overcome problems resulting from these injustices. Licensed and skilled care therapists teach you how to stop holding negative feelings and help lead you to a better place in life where you can function without fear, anger, sadness, and grief.

Let’s explore some common issues below. Keep in mind, our therapists provide service for many other issues not covered below.

Domestic Violence

The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence tells web browsers more than 20 people each and every minute suffers domestic violence from a partner who says “I love you” and “I am sorry” afterward. Domestic abuse comes in many forms. People who are victims of this type of violence often have anxiety or sad feelings. Feeling worthless is a common pattern in harmful relationships. Our therapists in Huntington Woods, MI caution you to seek counseling if you have signs of domestic violence like threats, hitting, rape, controlling, or forcing you to take drugs or alcohol in your life.

Victims of Verbal and Emotional Abuse

Verbal abuse can happen to the elderly, spouses, children, and coworkers. While this is a common problem in marriages, anyone can be a victim of emotional harm. Bullying a person or isolating them and keeping them from activities or people they love is not acceptable. Other signs of verbal abuse include humiliation and isolation. Controlling a person and then making excuses for the behavior like having a bad day or a ruined mood is not right. Psychologists say constant problems can turn into lifelong issues with distrust, depression, anxiety, insomnia, and many other issues.


Our counselors often see rape victims in our health center. We provide compassionate and kind professionals for sexual abuse victims developing a strong bond over time to gain trust. After dealing with the pain and trauma of the event, we help the client to venture out and do things he or she enjoys replacing the bad memories with good ones.

Trust Issues

When trust is broken, it can do more damage than just harm the relationship. Some people develop adverse feelings that are deeply seated in the hurt and pain they experience. A person can project these feelings onto other people or cause harm to oneself. Dealing with these issues is complex and yet easily treatable with our experienced therapists and counselors.

Where to Find a Therapist in Huntington Woods, MI

At Bright Pine Behavioral Health, we strive for excellent outcomes. We want our Huntington Woods community to live long, fulfilling lives enjoying friends, family, and each other. When your doctor feels therapy could be beneficial, then give our office a call to set up a consultation. We also provide neuropsychological testing and pre-surgery checks before bariatric treatments.