Therapists in Genesee County, MI

Psychologists develop tailored strategies and coping mechanisms for people who have problems fitting in socially. Sometimes, people can be afraid to be themselves or feel like they cannot control the urges they have if they go out in public. Finding the correct manner of dealing with psychological and emotional deviations is something our staff at Bright Pine Behavioral Health is proud of to offer residents in and around Genesee County, MI.

Let’s learn about a few issues that our therapists help people with;

Sexual Orientation

Finding a psychological expert who understands the obstacles that people in the LGBTQIA group experience on a daily basis is imperative to finding successful treatment and preferable outcomes in life. Our licensed therapists in Genesee County, MI understand the discrimination, ridicule, humiliation, and oppression members of this community feel. We are dedicated to providing an unbiased treatment that gives you peace of mind and a safe feeling knowing you are being heard.

Identity Issues

Many forms of self disorientation and forgetting are part of identity disorders. People can have complete amnesia turning themselves invisible and forgetting everything. Other disorders cause individuals to feel so down and full of despair that they feel they are not valuable to anyone including themselves. Equally important is a person who relies on another human being to exist. Besides these three variations of an identity crisis, some people think they are on top of the social ladder. Counselors say these people can believe they are professional athletes, famous painters, movie stars, and have gross exaggerations of the life they truly lead.

Sex Addiction

Therapists treating sex addiction cases say cognitive behavioral therapy is one treatment useful for patients. This compulsive behavior is complex but reversible through tactics like avoiding triggers and counseling to get to emotional problems causing the issue. Psychologists say outpatient therapy can treat this addiction, but some patients need inpatient care for extreme problems. Not every addiction to sex results in cheating or risky behavior. Some people experience an increasing desire to self gratify or watch porn incessantly. Group and family therapy are often effective in addition to communicating one-on-one with a therapy expert. The psychological community feels underlying issues fuel the sexual addiction and treating those problems can resolve the fascination with sex.

Where to Find a Therapist in Genesee County, MI

Bright Pine Behavioral Health wants to help the ones you love to find peace and harmony. Our counselors take referrals from other doctors and specialists to help our Genessee County neighbors live more fulfilling lives. The ability to contribute to society and become comfortable attending social events and activities can greatly improve your life. Learning how to cope with these situations when you feel invisible, unappreciated, or out of control is why we partner with health care providers like Blue Cross and Blue Shield to provide comprehensive care.